Evil step sister take advantage of brother

“Mom, how can we make sure he doesn’t do that again” Amanda asked. “Should we check on him when he showers?” She went on, sounding a little too anxious.

“No dear. I wouldn’t make you do that. I’ll have to do that myself.” Their mother answered.


Luckily I was able to avoid them for the rest of the day. I went out to clean the pool area while they ate dinner. It was one of few times during the day when I didn’t have to serve them. When I was sure they were gone I came in to clean up and then went into the kitchen to eat my own dinner after Tony had left.

Lori went to her party and Amanda had some friends over to use the pool; that I would have to clean again. My stepmother had a function to attend and didn’t get home until very late.

A couple days later my stepmother again entered the bathroom while I showered. She opened the shower door and looked to make sure I hadn’t been touching myself. She made me prove to her that I hadn’t just finished doing anything bad by getting myself get hard while she watched.

It was extremely embarrassing to have my stepmother see me naked, let alone forcing me to touch myself until I went from soft and hard. The only think that could be more humiliating than this was if she had her daughters watch me too.

She did this for several days and as much as she kept a stern face and posture, I could tell she was enjoying it, maybe because she was just evil. Each time, she got there sooner and stayed longer; each time making me continue stroking myself longer, sometimes until I was the edge, but always forcing me to stop before I could finish.

When she was apparently satisfied, she would turn and walk to her bedroom without a word. She left me standing there with the door wide open, naked, rock hard and wishing I could cum.

On the sixth day though, before she left she told me she needed me to help her with something. Having my shower cut short was nothing new for me, but this time she told me to come to her room in exactly two minutes. I had enough time to rinse and dry but not to dress, so I wrapped myself in a towel and made it the her room before the deadline.

Her room was the biggest in the mansion. When I got there I went in and stood inside the doorway, I didn’t want Lori or Amanda seeing me in just a towel. “May I please have a moment to get dressed before I help you?” I asked hoping to not sound as if I was disobeying her or asking for more than I was allowed.

“No, there will be no need for that” she answered, her voice coming from the bathroom which was part of the master suite.” Come in and lock the door behind you, then go to the table next to my bed and put on the mask there.” She said.

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