Evil step sister take advantage of brother

Lori playfully slapped her sister. “Don’t tell him that” She said. “So what’s it going to be?” she continued, “You will take off your uniform right now or do all of our friends will get a video right to their phones?”

I wondered if that included Tiffany. What would she think watching me get taken by Tony? I couldn’t take the chance she would do it and I knew if I didn’t do it then, I would cave soon enough.


When they saw I was going to do it they adjusted themselves on the bed to have a more comfortable view. I grabbed the string on my right side and slowly pulled the knot loose. I held both strings in my hand. “Do really I have to?” I asked one more time.


I untied the other string and pulled off the pouch, I let it fall to the floor. And just like that, I was nude, on display for my two step sisters. While Amanda had gotten a look before, she had never seen it hairless, and this was the first time Lori saw my cock.

“Look at the way it just hangs there” Lori spoke first.

“I never saw it so open. I mean without any hair it looks bigger” Amanda said.

“Yea, good job on keeping it cleanly shaved. We don’t ever want to see stubble” Lori said to me.

I wanted to die. The difference between wearing a pouch and clothes seemed huge but it was nothing compared to the difference of just a pouch and nothing at all. They could see everything.

They got up and walked over to me, taking a good look as they walked past me. I didn’t turn; they had the familiar view of my butt, one of them pinched it. “And to answer you before you ask” Lori said as they both left the room, “Always and Never”. I stood alone for a minute, letting my situation sink in. I walked out of Amanda’s room and down the hall, through the house with nothing on. I was glad that Tony wasn’t going to be around.

It was hard to continue doing my housework naked. Even in an empty room I felt like I was being watched; and more and more I wasn’t in empty rooms. My step sisters seemed to need to be wherever I was or needed me even more often than usual to do a job for them.

The two of them went for a stroll when I was mowing the lawn ,they needed fresh air when I washed the car, they decided to tan in their bikinis when I was cleaning the pool and they actually both felt the need to hold the chair I stood on to change a light bulb and one of them actually squeezed my balls while I was looking up.

By the second day of my forced nudity I still felt powerless around them. Their attention started to get to me though; I seemed to have a perpetual erection. It ached, but I wasn’t allowed to do what I needed to do to make it go away.

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