Romance with Bhabhi

This is naps with a more thrilling and horny story of how I fucked my bhabhi and my sister together on 1 bed. First let me tell you about my bhabhi and my sister. “any unsatisfied girls/ bhabhis/ aunties in Mumbai who want the best sex in the world can contact me at [email protected], I bet that would be the best sex of your life.” bhabhi is 27 years old, having big round tits which can make any man go mad after her.

Also, she has the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen till date. She as fair as milk and really pink and juicy lips. I can kiss them all day of she’d lend me. She has a very bad habit of teasing me with her boobs and catching my dick whenever we are on dining table. She always rubs my dick. We are in a sexual relation since more than 3 months now. She loves the way I pamper her and take care of her whenever she is alone. And my sister, well I can write a whole novel about how sexy and horny she is on bed. She’s 23 years old. Just a year elder to me. She too have round and firm tits. She has a tight ass. And yes, she’s a very good licker. She blows very well. Well cutting the rest, I’ll begin with the story. It all happened one Sunday afternoon.

Parents were out for a family function and bro accompanied them, leaving me, bhabhi and my sister alone. It thought this was a chance of making love with bhabhi. I changed my self in shorts and t-shirt and started searching for bhabhi everywhere. I found her in the kitchen washing some dishes. I went near her and caught her from behind. I rubbed my dick on her ass and she loved it. She said “mmmmmm, yeah love I love your dick so much, keep rubbing it.” then I caught her boobs from behind and started pressing them and started biting her neck.

She was already getting hornier with each move. I then inserted my hand in her t-shirt and then in her bra and started pinching her nipples. She moaned “aaaaaahhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm yeah, em loving it. Keep doing it”. While we were busy doing our stuff my sister entered the kitchen out of nowhere and caught us. We were in a big trouble now. She shouted “love, what on hell are you doing this to bhabhi..? What if bro comes to know..? What if our parents come to know..?” but I knew how to handle my sis, as I regularly have sex with her. I explained to her that bhabhi was unhappy these days and so she needed someone to love and so I was helping her getting out of trouble.

She got angry but then she calmed. She then threatened us “I won’t tell to anyone only if you guys let me in.” in short, she wanted a threesome. Me and bhabhi gave a cunning smile to each other and caught her and brought her closer to us. I started lip kissing her. She has lips like Priyanka. They are so soft and pink. The kiss slowly turned into a french kiss and we rolled our tongue and exchanged our saliva. Then I went to bhabhi and did the same to her. And then to my amusement, bhabhi and sister kissed each other. Fuck, they both were so good at kissing. I was shocked to see lesbians in my own home. Then I made bhabhi and sis sit on the kitchen platform.

I removed sis’s t-shirt 1st and started pressing her big tits while she continued kissing bhabhi. I removed her bra too and started sucking her huge melon tits. I had to catch her boob with both my hands as they were so huge. I started biting her nipples and she got hornier and bolder with each move. Then I removed bhabhi’s t-shirt and her pink bra and started licking her boobs and sucking them like I’ve never sucked any boobs before. Then I asked sis to suck bhabhi’s boobs and she went closer to bhabhi and started sucking them like she was sucking some mangoes. And bhabhi did the same to sis. Then we went to bro’s bedroom. I made both of them lie on bed.

First, I removed piya (sis)’s shorts and her panty, she had shaved her pussy recently so I couldn’t see any hairs there. I started licking her pussy. Her pussy tasted so good. Then I removed bhabhi’s jeans and panty and started licking it too. Turn by turn I licked my sis’s and bhabhi’s pussy. Then I went on top of piya and she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. She was very good at blowing. She sucked my cock like a lollypop. And then bhabhi took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Piya then cunningly told bhabhi “bhabhi aaj toh bahut maza zane wall hai, khoob chudai yogi apni aaj” to which bhabhi responded “chudai ke liye hi toh love ko bulati hu, isse chodna bahut a chi tarah se data hai. And saali aaj toh teri bhi jambe chudai karega love, teri chut faad sega.”

I was shocked to hear such conversation. I never knew even bhabhi was so bold. Then both of them came closer to my dick and started sucking it. While sucking they kissed each other and rolled their tongues. Then I slept on bed and piya came on top. She bought her pussy to my mouth and I started licking her pussy. Meanwhile bhabhi, went near my dick and took my dick in her pinky pussy and started moving up and down. Fuck, couldn’t believe my luck. I was having sex with two most beautiful ladies of my life. Bhabhi kept shouting “love, tera lund kitna bada hai, zor se chod teri bhabhi ki, bahut maza aa raha hai. Teri behan ko bhi chut bhi chuss.” even pita got more bolder hearing bhabhi and she pressed her pussy more tightly to my mouth and I started licking her more hardly.

Then they switched the positions and I started licking bhabhi’s pussy. This continued for a few mins. And now bhabhi asked me to move aside as she wanted to do something with pita. Bhabhi naughtily rode on top of piya and started kissing each other. Fuck, they both were kissing so passionately. They rolled each other tongue. Then bhabhi went down to her boobs and started licking her boobs. Piya moaned “aaaaaaaah bhabhi. Jor se chuso mere boobs ko. Kya sahib chaste ho aap. Maza aa gaya mujhe toh.” later on bhabhi went down to her pussy and started fingering piya’s pussy vigorously. Thens she rolled her tongue in pita’s pussy and started licking it. Meanwhile I inserted my dick in pita’s mouth and she started sucking it.

Oh, I was on the 9th sky. Later on we switched the positions and I gave my dick in bhabhi’s mouth and piya started licking bhabhi’s pussy. Then finally I made both of them lie on bed. First, I inserted my dick in bhabhi’s pussy and started stroking her. I begin slowly, but with each breath I increased my stroke and fucked bhabhi harder and harder. Piya continued kissing bhabhi and pressing her huge boobs in the meanwhile. Bhabhi moaned “ohhhhhh love….. Fuck me harder, destroy my pussy. Fuck me harder. Piya, press my tits harder u bitch. Suck my nipples more passionately.” piya got bolder with bhabhi’s words and did as bhabhi said. I started kissing bhabhi then with passion. Aahhhhhhh it was so good to kiss those pink lips. Her saliva tasted so good.

Then I inserted my dick in piya’s pussy and started fucking her. He huge tits moved up and down as I fucked her. She moaned in pain “ohhhhh bhai, fuck me slowly. Its paining terribly.” I kept pressing her tits and kissing her, in the while bhabhi was fingering her own pussy in fun and kissing me on lips. Then I and piya switched to 69, I started licking her pussy and she started sucking my dick. We did the same for about 15 minutes and then I and bhabhi did the same. And then to my surprise bhabhi and piya switched to the same position. Fuck it was so amazing to see my bhabhi and sister licking each other pussies. Then we all the hugged each other and were kissing desperately. Bhabhi had a special request that day, she said she never tried doggy style and so asked me to fuck her in doggy style.

I positioned my dick straight towards her round sexy ass and inserted my dick with one shot. She shouted in pain” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. You fucker love, slowly.” but then with each stoke she enjoyed it and I started fucking her harder. Piya was lying on bed and bhabhi licked her pussy then. We all were having the best sex of our life that day. Then we all three went to the bathroom and lied in the bathtub we had. We washed each other bodies and continued fucking each other over there too. Finally I was about to cum. Bhabhi and piya bought her mouth near my dick and I cummed in their mouth turn by turn. Both piya and bhabhi drunk my cum. And we took bath and later on changed. This was the best sex of our life. Later, we again got a chance a few days back.. Will be right back with the story.

Kindly write your precious reviews to me at [email protected]. Will be waiting for your precious replies. I hope you all loved the story. And yes, unsatisfied sisters, bhabhis & aunties in mumbai, do contact me for an awesome sex. And the service is all free. As I believe in making women happy. See ya soon everyone.

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