My father’s sperm

Im alicia im 22 now and decided to share the story when me and my dad had sex and my mom was a full time worker and most of the time never home so when i was taking a shower during a rainy day and thunder and lightning and i come out with booty shorts and a muscle shirt no bra and dry my hair and my dad had walked by and stared at me for a minute and i smile and said..


He got shocked and walks away and i smile and was very confused for a minute and dry my hair still and i go to the kitchen and reach in the fridge and bend over and my ass was hangin out alot and had no panties on so my vagina was eating my booty shorts my dad walks by towards the living room and says babygirl your stuff is out there i smile and say i thought everyone was in bed sorry dad ima head up to bed and i look at the hallway mirror and can see my dad stare at my ass jiggle and my booty shorts being eaten by my ass and i smile and told my friend about it who had sex with her uncle and got pregnant she said to go for it when my mother is gone for work so i try it and take a shower the next night but only i make sure my younger siblings were asleep in they’re bedrooms and i walk to the living room naked and i reach for my charger in front of the TV and bent over my dad yelled

Alicia!! What in the hell are you doing naked your mother is gana kill you!!

I smile and say you dont think she would kill you for looking up and down at my ass all the time dad i pay attention..

He goes silent and keeps his eyes covered and i turn off the tv and i was single for months and always working and went to school at the time and i put on music

ZAYN ft sia – dusk till dawn 🎵🎶🎵🎶

I turn off the lights and get down on my knees my dad grabs my hands and i reach for his pants and zipper and undo them and pull his pants down he lays back looking up and my dad gets missed calls from my mom and he ignores the phone and lays back breathing heavy and my tongue licks his mushroom tip and spit and my hand having a full grip i shove his dick in my mouth and begin sucking and my lips tightly around his entire cock and gawking loud and slobbers on it and look at him right in his eyes and he says

Alicia you cannot tell anybody about this especially your mom this is really wrong

And i pop his cock out of my mouth with slobber on my chin down to my neck and tell him dad your not resisting so seems right to me and shove his cock back in my mouth and down my throat and feeling his cock pass my uvula his balls get tight and i keep gawking on his cock and can see he is about to drop his sperm in my mouth and he drops a good load and i take out his cock and show him his sperm in my mouth and swallowed it all and climb on his lap and he grips my hips and i stand on the couch standing over him and squatting down on his cock and i grab his cock and slowly squat down and his cock slides all the way in my pussy and he grabs my double D titties and sucks on them and i slam up and down on his cock and the couch begins to creek loud as i go up and down my ass claps on his cock and balls and already nutted in my stomach and i keep slamming and clapping my ass on his cock bouncing on him and the phone rings and we see its my mom but he ignores again and grips my titties as i use his chest to keep me balanced as i slam and clap my ass louder and sperm falling out of my pussy on his balls and he tells me

Hollys**t alicia im cumming so much in you

I tell him as i keep slamming my pussy and ass on his cock and balls squirting


I cream on his cock and relax my pussy all the way on his cock as i feel him throbbing inside me and feeling the warm sperm spill out of my pussy and i grip his shirt and shut my eyes and squirt as he grips my titties and rubs on my chest and neck and

He says fuck alicia this is terrible what we just did

I slowly stand up and his cock drops out and sperm bursting out of my pussy and i step off the couch and tell him dad just shush it already happen mom dont know anything

He sits and relax as i walk to my room his sperm is still dripping out of my pussy down between my thighs to my ankles and jump in the shower

The next morning…

I wake up and go make me breakfast and he comes in the kitchen and he looks at me and i smile at him cooking and he says…

Alicia that cant happen ever again..

I say.. Okay i just wanted it that time cause i was horny i was high from marijuana..

He says okay good nomore…

I smirk and say nomore dad… I drop my phone and pick it up and bend over hard and my thong and ass was all out and he looks and tells me…


I smirk and say dad you cant help your self at all okay deal with it

He says oh god f**k it… And comes behind me and grips my ass and reaches in my panties and turn off the stove and put my food in the fridge and we kiss and check to see if my mom was home yet and i undo his pants and pull them down and gawk his cock for 5 mins and slobber and i take off my panties and leave my t shirt on and he lifts me off the ground and we kiss and tongue in each other’s mouth and sucking my lip and i bite his lip and his cock rises and we both look down and he slides his cock in my pussy with no hands and we both moan and i hold my arms around him tight and bounces me on his cock in the air and clapping my ass against him and his balls slapping on me as his cock quickly goes in and out and he stops and he starts heavy breathing and i feel his sperm drop in my pussy and we hear a splash hit the ground and see there is sperm falling out of my pussy and keeps going and claps my ass and pussy on his cock and balls loudly and loud squirting and we hear my mom open the garage he goes faster and claps my ass as i moan loud


and he moans loud and drops a huge load of sperm and he drops me and his cock popped out my pussy and i grab my clothes and throw them in my bedroom and jump in the shower quickly my mom walks in and acted like he was jacking his cock my mom says

hun what if Alicia saw you

he says she is in the shower

and she hugs and kisses him and grips his cock and the sperm is on her hands and fingers as she slowly grips and jacks his cock off and i peek out the restroom with the shower still going and i see my mom in her work clothes with her lap top and purse on the floor and blowing my dad as he lean on the kitchen counter my mom has our sperm going down her throat and titties and my dad looks over at me and tells me to go away as my mom chokes on his cock with me and my dad sperm all over his cock and my moms mouth

I will never forget my mom sucked all of me and my dads sperm off his cock and had sex that moment as well as i laid in bed listening to them

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