My father’s new lover likes me to watch

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At first I’d hated her, this too young and too perfect woman who had dared to take my mother’s place in my father’s bed. Sarah is only a few years older than me, and certainly prettier, despite having a slightly androgynous appearance with short blonde hair and a preference for trouser suits. Fitter too, being one of those people who start their day with a run around the park. Indeed, it was there that she and my father met, and she had transformed him from an irregular Saturday jogger into quite the marathon enthusiast.

She was about half his age! The only thing they had in common was running – and sex. I kept wondering what would happen if the sex stopped and they discovered there was nothing else, but they’re still going strong to this day.

Sarah arrived in my life as a successful young businesswoman exuding confidence and energy, while I was fresh out of school and struggling with a mountain of coursework. Most of my friends had gone away to university elsewhere, but I’d chosen to stay local, to stay home, just my father and me in our quiet, comfortable co-existence, sharing space and memories peacefully. But then Sarah moved in with us and I had to pretend I couldn’t hear them fucking every night, and I had to pretend I liked seeing him so happy again after so many years of loneliness.

And I had to pretend I wasn’t increasingly attracted to her myself. I’m not a lesbian. I mean, yes, I am sometimes attracted to women, but I really didn’t want to be attracted to this woman that I hated. Or wanted to hate, at least. Sometimes she’d catch me staring at her, and I would flinch away, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Sarah liked to walk around the house in the mornings in a black silk dressing gown, through which the shape of her perfect breasts and perfect bum could be easily discerned. No suggestion of underwear. One tug on that large pink bow and she’d be undone. The silk curtain would part and she would be entirely revealed. She’d catch me looking at her, and the amusement in her eyes suggested she knew that I was undressing her.

I would wonder if she wanted me to undress her. As if she hadn’t spent the night before begging my father to “fuck me with that big, beautiful cock” and hadn’t woken him in the morning by wrapping her perfect lips about his morning glory. The walls in my house are a little too thin.

They don’t always do it in the privacy of their room either. One evening I arrived home to find them in the kitchen, my father hastily tidying himself away, Sarah on her knees buttoning up her shirt – but not so quickly that I didn’t see the pearly splashes across her breasts. Since then, every time she wears that same shirt, I wonder if the breasts beneath are again wet with my father’s cum.

On Thursdays my father is always home late, usually after midnight. It’s a club thing, dinner and drinks, politics talk and all that. At first I would try to avoid being home or alone with Sarah on these occasions, but increasingly I allowed myself to accept her suggestions of watching a film together, sharing a bottle of wine, getting to know each other, and so on. I told myself I was just being polite, but the truth is I liked being with her.

She was my father’s new love, the first in years. They were even talking of marriage. Any fantasies I had of her being with me were just that. Absurd fantasies. But I couldn’t help myself. We would sit together watching romantic comedies until my father came home, and then in the privacy of my bedroom I would quietly work myself through a series of orgasms while listening to the less than subtle fucking across the hallway.

Absurd fantasies… until the night we kissed, and kissed, and kissed for hours, hands exploring each other, mouths exploring each other. I kissed the breasts that my father must have kissed a thousand times, and sucked on the nipples he must have sucked, and my fingers penetrated that same sweet centre that his “big, beautiful cock” fucked nightly.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered between kisses, though she made no effort to move my fingers from her clit – and what an astonishing clit it is, easily an inch long and almost more like a tiny cock than a clit. I slid down onto my knees and took it into my mouth, sucking gently as I licked the shaft and the delicate, folding labia around it.

“Stop,” she whispered, but I was determined to make her come. I lifted my hands to her breasts and teased her nipples with my thumbs. “Stop,” she said again, though she held my head in place as my tongue swirled lovingly about her clit. I could tell from her breathing that she was close, and I pushed her steadily higher towards the summit of pleasure.

Sharp fingernails dug into my scalp as she climaxed, and she convulsed delightfully beneath me as I continued to work her through a long, intense orgasm…

… until she pushed me away firmly, and I relented at last. Straddling her on the sofa, I kissed her deeply with lips that were wet from below.

The sound of keys in the front door was like a splash of cold water. I snatched up my clothes and ran up the stairs. When my father peeked through the door a few minutes later, I pretended to be fast asleep. I was far too wired to sleep, though. I was soon working my way to a blissful climax while listening to the woman who had just come in my mouth beg my father to come in hers.

The threat of discovery is an aphrodisiac for Sarah, I came to realise. She loves my father, but can’t resist flirting with me. Our Thursday evenings are spent kissing and making love on the sofa in front of the television, right up until the jangle of keys announcing my father’s return.

Sometimes we even do it in her bed, the same bed in which she and my father regularly fuck. Especially when the weather is warm, so that the balcony door can be left open, letting fresh air in and any moans of desire and cries of pleasure out.

One of my favourite toys I like to use with her is a double-dildo strap-on, one end inserted within me, the other projecting out like a purple cock. I love fucking her with it and then making her suck it afterwards. There is something deliciously naughty in the idea that both my father and I are fucking the same woman.

The trouble with living dangerously, however, is that sometimes it can go horribly wrong. Like the night Sarah was riding me cowgirl-style upstairs in bed, and neither of us heard the jangle of keys announcing my father’s return. Not until he called from the base of the stairs did we realise our peril.

“Shit!” we chorused. There was no chance of me escaping to my room, and no time for me to do anything but hide, and nowhere to go except onto the balcony…

… which is how I came to be naked on a balcony at midnight, my feet on cold hard tiles, my bum pressed against cold, wrought iron railings. Naked apart from a strap-on belt sporting a purple cock, its other end still buried within me; and a leather collar and wrist cuffs, connected with short steel chains.

I couldn’t even reach my nipples, the chains were that short. My hands were practically useless, trapped against my neck. Which was the whole point, of course, an extra thrill for Sarah, though now I was the one paying for her weird fetish while on the other side of the curtain she was spreading her legs wide. “Fuck me, Richard,” she growled. “Look how wet I am, just thinking about you…”

I dared to peer through the crack in the curtains, just in time to see my father, naked, lining up for entry, and wow that was a big cock. For one weird moment I wished it was me on the bed receiving that huge length between wide-spread legs. Even as it eased into Sarah, she gave a casual glance towards the curtain, towards me. “So fucking big,” she cried.

I understood. She knew I was watching. She wanted me to watch her. No doubt the thought of me stranded naked on the balcony was just the icing on the cake.

I really was exposed. There were several neighbours whose windows looked towards the balcony, and there was a road past the house which, fortunately, was quiet, but anyone who did walk or drive along would have a clear view of me.

And it didn’t help that Sarah had been teasing me for hours, not letting me come even once. I had a dildo stuck in me, but no way to touch my clit or my nipples. Well, I could rub my nipples against my forearms, and rub the strap-on against the railings, but that didn’t achieve much.

I was sorely tempted to just charge into the bedroom and reveal all, but ultimately I didn’t want to hurt my father. Bad enough that the woman he loves cheats on him with his daughter, he doesn’t need to know it.

“I’m close,” he said.

“Come on my tits.”

I peeked through the curtains again, curiosity getting the better of me. My father’s cock slipped out of Sarah’s sweet pussy, and he aimed it higher, stroking gently until a string of cum launched from the tip and splashed against Sarah’s neck and chest. I watched, mesmerised, as more jetted out, aimed first for one breast, then the other.

I crouched down fearfully at the sound of voices in the road behind me. Two men, walking home from the pub, no doubt. They passed close enough to hear Sarah’s sudden moan of pleasure, but although one man glanced up curiously, they continued on their way.

“That’s so good,” Sarah murmured, and I glanced inside to see my father sucking on her tiny-cock clit while her fingers played with the cum decorating her breasts. She reached into her bedside drawer for something, and passed it to him. “Here, work this into my ass.”

It was lube. Clearly the request surprised my father, but he soon set to work, squirting gel onto his fingers and pushing them into her, sometimes bending to suck on her prominent clit for a while too. Sarah sighed with pleasure as she glanced towards the curtain and me again. “Fuck my ass, Richard,” she said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. Clearly this was a first for him. I wondered if it was a first for her also. She’d always avoided anal with me.

“Do it,” she insisted. She seemed almost in pain as my father struggled to breach that tight ring of muscle. “Fuck!” she cried. “Fuck!”

I ducked down as a car drove past, its bright lights sweeping across me. It didn’t stop, though. I almost didn’t see the lone man stumbling drunkenly past the house. I watched him stop by some bushes for a pee, which made me abruptly aware of how much I needed to do the same.

Inside, my father was pounding Sarah’s ass with enthusiasm while she rubbed her clit with one hand, the other pressed up against his chest. After a while, he pulled out and they changed position, but then he drove his thick cock into her ass from behind, and was soon deep in her again with long, powerful thrusts.

The cold tiles against my feet were getting painful and I paced back and forth impatiently. I crouched as two more cars drove past, an action that caused me to pee a little, and I felt it run down my thighs.

I counted about four orgasms from Sarah before my father finally announced his impending end. “Come in my ass,” Sarah urged him. “I want to feel your cum in me.” Seconds later he shuddered to a halt, his cock buried deep inside that rear passage, and she screamed again. “Yes! Fuck, yes!”

It seemed to take forever before they disengaged, both panting from the exertion. My father grinned happily at Sarah, bending to kiss her briefly before sauntering off into the en suite bathroom.

As soon as the door closed, I darted through the curtain and past a greatly amused Sarah. Except my hands were still tied up against my neck and I had to wait for Sarah to open the door, both for her bedroom and for mine. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked with a smile.

“No,” I said. Shaking my cuffed wrists angrily, I added, “Take these off.”

She laughed and shook her head. “In the morning,” she said, and closed my door, leaving me alone in my room, still sporting a purple cock and wishing more than ever that Sarah’s ass was in my bed and not my father’s.

I sat on the loo in my own en suite bathroom and let my pee flow past the embedded dildo, planning a hundred various ways I would get my revenge on her, but as I climbed wearily and deeply frustrated into the warm comfort of my bed, I heard again the creaking bed frame and cries of pleasure from across the hallway, and knew I had a long night ahead of me.

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