Sisters gift for birthday – 2

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One more thing I want to say is that some of the readers are in a confusion weather it was just a story or
it real? Its a real thing happened for 2 years.
For the new readersplease do read my first part of the story titled under
I dont want to waste the time so let me come to the story directly.
As we both have high sexual feeling for each other we started smooching aggressively. When I was
kissing, the way she responded was amazing and that made me more and more crazy. She lifted her skirt
up to her waist and sat on me pressing her pussy on my bulge .Mean while kissing I was pressing her
both the boobs. When I was about to take her T-shirt off doorbell rang. But we did not care and were
kissing. Again the bell rang. I felt so much annoyed that I wanted to hit the person who came. I told my
sister to in to our bedroom and with that irritating mood only went to open the door. It was my friend. I
have promised him that I will come along with him to meet his girlfriend. But now I am not in a mood to
go anywhere as I would lose the opportunity to fuck my sister. When he asked me to start quickly I
started giving him reasons for I could not come with him. But he kept on pleading. Hearing all this my
sister who was in our bedroom called for me. When I went inside she was sitting on the bed and signed
me to come near her. I went and sat beside her and pulled her towards me putting both my hands
around her waist. When I was about to kiss her, she herself planted a short kiss on my lips and told me
to go out along with my friend. On hearing this I got in to confusion and was a little upset. She explained
me,” baby with such disturbances we cannot continue our act satisfactorily. Moreover, I want our first
time to be like a beautiful memory. So night would be the best time and for now u just go out with your
friend. “I have no other choice left .Dressed neatly we both came out of our bedroom and all three of us
had lunch. With heavy heart I left home with my friend. I was just scolding myself for my bad luck. I
thought I would come back home as quickly as possible, but in the evening she messaged me to come
home exactly at 9 pm and also to eat something outside for dinner. In the evening until she messaged
me something in my head was moving. I was feeling like to have sex with her but at the same time I was
feeling it would be a sin if I do it. In that dial lama I messaged her asking whether it would be right to
have sex as we are brother and sister. The reply she gave me have just shocked me .She just said, “This
you must have thought 6 months back before you started touching me in the nights. Now we have
already crossed the line, so it doesnt matter whether you travel a mile or ten.” With this I came to know
that she was dying for my dick as much as I am for her pussy .I returned home exactly at 9 pm. On the
way I took 10 packets of Kama Sutra condoms so that it would be helpful in any time we wanted to fuck.
As I already messaged her that I was coming home she kept the door open. I could not find her. As I
called her she responded me from our parentsbedroom without coming outside. She told me to take
bath in our bed room, lock the gate and go on to the terrace .Also that she will be there in 10 to 15
minutes after I go .I just followed her instructions took bath, wore a boxer, a short and a t shirt which
she kept on the bed for me .Then I locked the gate and climbed on top of the terrace. As I reached there
I was very surprised with her arrangements.

Two sides of our home is with empty plots. The third side is the main entrance and is with road. The
fourth side of our house is there a house. But there are big trees all around our house. So any one if they
climb on to their terrace also could not see any person on our building. And that too it is a very dim light
of the moon. Also there is a water tank which would help us as a hiding. So no one can see us if we have
romance even in the morning. As soon as I was up I could find our foam/bed beside the water tank. It
was decorated with roses .The fragrance over there would definitely draw even an irritating person in to
romantic mood. On it was there my sisters laptop .I was just admiring at my sisters arrangements .Ten
minutes had passed but she did not come. Though I am very excited I felt a little bored .So opened the
laptop and started watching an incest sex movie .It was a sister brother sex movie. When the guy in the
movie was about to enter in his sister there came the life time surprise for me. My sister came up like a
newly wedded bride entering in to the bedroom with a glass of milk in her hands. It was my moms
white sari with full of work and shining. She looked like an angel coming down from moon. I paused the
movie and watched her coming step by step without the blink of an eye. With her head down as she
approached, my heart beat kept on increasing. As she came nearer I could find that she did not wear a
blouse (as my moms and her size is different. she told me this later). She came near me and handed the
glass of milk to me with a very beautiful and seductive smile .With mouth wide open I took the glass and
she sat beside me. Looking at her like a Lion watching her prey I had a sip of milk. Still smiling, she asked
me what I was doing till now .I kept the glass aside and played the movie which I have paused. Then I
put my hand around her waist, sayingcome lets watch together.” I pulled her towards me between my
legs. Now she is facing the laptop sitting between my legs and I was just behind her. The movie was
played and the guy started entering his sister and she was moaning like anything. Then my sister took
the glass which I kept aside and gave it to me. I took it and with both the hands around her I made her
drink a little. Then I took a sip again from the same place where her lips kissed the glass. This time the
milk tasted even more sweater than before. After completing the milk I kept the glass to a side.
Meanwhile my left hand was playing on her stomach and now even the other hand also joined .With full
of excitement I pulled the pallu of her sari down and started squeezing her boobs. Gasping,
Ahhhaaaahhaaa…,” she said,” Dont hurry baby. From now your sister is all yours, the way you dreamt
of. Make it the best memory. I want to see how much my little brother love me.” I understood her
intentions and stopped squeezing her boobs. Then kissed her neck. Pulled her hair to a side and bit her
neck smoothly. The smell she wore was so beautiful that even the best flower on earth would feel
jealous. I bent her completely to front and kissed at the bottom of the back i.e., above the butt. I put my
tongue over there and came up to her neck licking her back. I kept on biting and licking her neck.
Meanwhile my left hand was playing on her left boob over the bra and right hand fingers in her navel
playing guitar .Slowly she closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. She just loosened her
grip completely and fell on me. I removed my T-shirt and gentle removed her bra and threw both of
them away. Upper portion of both of us is stark naked. My dick was dying to come out as her bare back
touched my bare chest. I caught hold of both her boobs and started playing with them. They were very
stiff and like ripe mangoes (to say it in Telugu BANGINAPALLY MAMIDIPANDLU). Kissing on her neck I
slowly turned her head a little towards me. I started licking the front portion of her neck. She just closed
her eyes and was enjoying whatever I did. Then I kissed on her both eyes, cheeks fore-head and stopped
doing anything. As I stopped suddenly in a confusion she opened her eyes. A smile raised on my lips. As I
watched in to her eyes the smile transferred on to her lips. I planted a quick and short kiss just below
her juicy lips. I immediately sucked her lower lip in to my mouth. With her lower lip in my mouth she
turned towards me completely. I was still sitting in the same position with my legs wide open. She stood

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on her knees and hugged me tight. Then I took her upper lip in to my mouth and started sucking. Her
bare boobs were pressing hard to my bare chest .They were so soft like a sponge balls. I could feel her
hard nipples rubbing my chest. Her grip around me tightened even more .With that both of us got on
fire and I put my tongue deep in to her mouth and played with her tongue. Then I took her tongue in to
my mouth. I think around 20 or 25 minutes, we were kissing with great passion like 2 wild animals
fighting. Our tongues were so much twisted, as if 2 snakes twist while mating. Finally I broke the kiss and
went down to suck her ripe mangoes. I bit them smoothly. I was feeling like as if my dick would die
inside with pain if I dont release it from the jail. So I got the sari and pulled it completely. I then undid
the knot of her petti-coat and pulled it down and threw all the clothes away. Now she was only in her
panty. Then I told her that my little brother is dying inside to see his elder sister. She understood me,
closed the laptop and put it away from bed. Till now we were not at all bothered about the movie. She
came near me and we again lip locked. Then she kissed my neck, then went down to chest. With her
eyes looking in to mine she bit my chest smoothly .I was feeling heavenly at her work. Went still down
and kissed my belly. Then she pulled my shorts down and threw it away as I did. I was so hard that on
seeing my bulge I thought it would tare my boxer. She kissed on my bulge and not wasting any time
pulled down the boxer. She was very close to my bulge .As soon as she pulled it down my rod sprung out
and kissed her face. She was amazed at the sight of a hard dick as it was her first time to look at a real
cock. I thought that she wanted to suck my hard cock and made a push towards her mouth. Her juicy lips
kissed my rod but she managed to escape from it entering her mouth. She said that she do not like cock
sucking and she even does not watch such Sean in the movies. I did not want to force her as she is my
lovely sister and stopped myself. Then she got hold of my dick with her tender hand and made the skin
up and down for a couple of times. As I was in great mood my pre-cum has already occupied the tip of
my dick. She noticed that something was sticky and asked me if I was out. I said her that it was just an
engine oil for a smooth drive. With a funny smile on her face she asked me,” then where is the petrol?” I
got hold of her butts and pulled her down so that she turned and fell on the bed. I said,” Now I have to
dig the well and produce the sufficient petroland kissed her lips. I came down biting and licking her
neck like a vampire. Even down and sucked both her boobs and bit the nipples. Then went even down
and started making circles around her never with my tongue. She was laughing and saying, “Oh! My,
Sanju baby I cant stand anymore. Please start the journey.”
I came even down and kissed her pussy over her panty. Then I bit her milky thighs and licked them.
Again I kissed her pussy over her panty. Then I put two fingers on both the sides of her panty and pulled
it down completely. She helped me raising her butt. I also went completely down along with it. There, I
kissed her foot. I took the thumb of one of her legs and started sucking it as if a girl sucking a cock. Then
with my tongue open and licking her leg came up to her thighs. I parted her both the legs and again
started biting and sucking her milky thighs one by one. She had no words to say but was watching very
interestingly how amazing her little brother was. I widened her legs even more and came near her
pussy. I could feel, it was already wet. The smell of her wet pussy made me so crazy that I wanted to eat
her pussy without any mercy like a lion eating her prey. But I did not even touch it, instead, I kissed just
above her pussy. She let out a moanaaahhhaaaa.” Then I kissed on either sides of the pussy and then
below it. I then bit her thighs smoothly, licked them and again came near her pussy. When I reached her
pussy she understood what I am about to do and said, “OH! Sanju, no….dont do that….ohhh baby
nooo…” Her voice was very low and as if heavily drunken persons voice. But I am not in a mood to listen
to her. So I have gone ahead and with the tip of my tongue I started making circles around her pussy
teasing her. She kept on asking me,”oh! Baby, Sanju noo….” After a little time I came up and lip locked

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her. Till now I made sure that I did not touch her love hole even by mistake. So when I was kissing her
she said,”Sanju baby get in to me.” Then I broke the kiss and came directly to her love hole and for the
first time I planted a kiss on her wet dripping pussy.
She let outOuch! Baby no dont do that.” I just ignored her and widened her legs even more .Now I
adjusted myself comfortable between her legs. I was holding her waist with my hands and put both the
thumbs on either side of her pussy .Then I parted the pussy lips a little and put my tongue at the bottom
of her pussy and slide it to the upper portion. Her entire body shook at once and unknowingly she lifted
her butt moaning loudly. This made my tongue enter inside her hot pussy. She have no words to say. In
that position I slide my tongue even deeper. Shaking her body again she raised her thighs a little. I took
out my tongue completely and again inserted deep inside, but this time a little faster. I started making in
and out movement with my tongue .To say literally I am tongue fucking my hot sisters wet pussy. She
was enjoying my act. She kept both her hands in my hair and sometimes, pressing my head in to her
pussy. After some time I inserted one of my finger in to her pussy and started finger fucking her. Her
moans became heavier. I stopped finger fucking and again continued with tongue fuck. After some time
at a point her legs came closer and with a loud moan she climaxed. Her love juice came in to my mouth.
It tasted confusingly like a little salty and some other way; but I did not wanted to drink it, so, I spit it
away. But it smelled great and I felt like my head moving as if a person injected with drugs feel.
I came up and kissed her lips and sucked them. Now the time has come. She broke the kiss and
said,”Sanju now dont wait anymore, Fuck me. Fuck your sister and make your dream come true. You
have been waiting for this from six months. Now the time has come to tare your sisters pussy .Fuck your
sister till you are satisfied. Go ahead. “This is the first time in my life to hear a bad words likeFUCK
uttering from her mouth. Hearing that from her I took a condom which I brought and when I was about
to wear it, she took it from me and threw it away. She said, “There is no need to worry of anything. Give
me the best pleasure that I have ever had.” Then I took my tool and put it on her pussy directly. I started
rubbing the tip of my dick on her pussy. Slowly I started entering inside her but it slipped. I tried it again
but it slipped. It was little difficult to balance and enter in to her pussy. So she understood that and
caught hold of my dick with her hand and guided in to her pussy. I just gave a thrust in to her. With a
little difficult it slide half the way inside. I took it out and again pushed it inside, this time with great
force. She let a loud moan and asked me stop it as it was paining. I stopped there and started sucking
her boobs. When she relaxed, I took the dick out again and gave a heavy stroke, so that the complete
dick went inside. Tears rolled out of her eyes. She let out a loud moan,
ahhhaaa sanjuuuu ,you are killing me.” Again I stopped and sucked her mouth and breast. Then I broke
the kiss and started giving strokes slowly and smoothly. Both her hands were around my neck. Though it
was very dim light of moon we could see in to each others eyes. I increased the speed of my in and out
action. Her moans increased according to my strokes.

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For each thrust I made IN, she moved up, and for each OUT of mine, she moved down very
rythmatically. That was really wonderful to see. The sound produced from the splashing of our bodies
tap tap tap…” made the weather even warmer.
As every moment is ours to fuck any time, I did not want to change the angel of fucking her. I want to
enjoy her body to the fullest in the angel in which I was fucking her, so I continued fucking her in the
missionary position. When I felt I was coming, I stopped a moment and raised her left leg and put it on
my shoulder and continued fucking. Similarly, I did with her right leg. She then started holding me tight. I
asked her if she was climaxing. She said yes and I took the missionary position again. This time I gave her
very hard strokes. Tears were running out of her eyes and her nails were digging in to my back. She kept
on scratching my back with her long nails (this we both saw on the next day.). She tug her head in to the
pillow and closed her eyes and let out a very loud moan.
aaahhhaaaa Sanjuuu….aahhaaaa baby… lovely brother….aahhhaaa sanjuuu….”
I understood that she had reached the climax and I kept on pumping with more increased speed and
finally exploded deep inside my sisters cunt. O My God! I have never and ever come in such a way.
Thats really amazing. I unloaded all my cum in my sisters pussy. I was biting her lips till I unloaded the
last drop (she told me later that she could feel my cum go deep in to her womb). I fell over her and we
slept hugging each other like that, for five minutes. I got up and whispered in her ears, “akka swargam
ante edena? (Sister is this what is called heaven?)” With a smile she kissed on my lips and I move to her
side. We slept side by side watching the stars for some time. Then I took my mobile to see what the time
was. It was around 2 Oclock.
She then asked me to wash my dick with the bottle of water which she already kept there and also told
me not to come down as she would return here after a quick bath. She wore my short and t shirt and
went down. I washed my dick and again started browsing porn sites. After about 20 min she came with
something in her hand. When she came near me n sat beside me I came to know that it was my birthday
cake. She removed her dress completely and lit the candle and I cut the cake and put a piece of it in her
mouth. She came near me, hugged me and transferred the cake which is in her mouth, in to my mouth.
As it was a cool cake it melted between our fired mouths.
Then she asked me, “How is your sisters gift for your birthday?”
I said, “It was so wonderful that I cannot forget for the rest of my life.”
I took the cream over it and applied on her boobs and started sucking them.


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