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Me male, and older female. When we were younger she would want to play mother and baby, mom and dad, doctor, anything which would always end up with us naked.

Anyway fast forward, I’m 18 moving now to Another state to live at the house of my uncles family including his daughter, yes, the very same from childhood. At this point it’s my uncle, my uncles wife, his oldest son and my play mate. It had been some years since i saw her and about a year since i had been living there and nothing from her. Nothing! It was driving me crazy. I don’t know what i expected but i wanted something to happen. For As long as i thought of what i would do if i got a chance and a year had passed w/o her acknowledging an iota of what we did for years together. Ughhh. It didn’t help the situation that she walked around in skimpy pjs, no panties and no bra. I was in shock that no one said nothing, my uncle, her mother, her older brother, nothing. So finally one day i walk into her room and shes on her bed, eyes closed, music blasting and feeling herself up slowly. I froze and stood there, hard as a missile staring in shock.

She finally opened her eyes to realize she was being watched and she didnt seem very interested, plus a lot of people are home. I racked my brain trying to come up with a plan with this new info. I know now she’s horny so what do i do. I settled on a simple plan, wake up early the next morning, after my uncle and his son left for work but before my aunt woke up. Which was late anyway, she worked two jobs and would usually wake up around 1p to go to her first job. So i wake up go to the living room, make sure to turn the tv loud enough to wake up my cousin my not too loud, so it doesn’t wake up my aunt. So i get ready, grab a small blanket lay on the couch, make sure I’m wearing the boxers that allow for accidental pop outs, put the blanket over my chest and arms, and start stroking to get myself nice and ready. Finally she wakes up, i hear her stirring in the room, so i stop stroking close my eyes just sat there to see what would happen next. Since my eyes were closed i couldn’t see her reaction but she did stop on her walk, i heard it from the slap of the slippers on the floor. Sat there for what must have been 2 minuteS when i felt a touch. It gentle almost sweet, not sexual. Just caressing. As i open my eyes i see she is in a zombie like state, just staring, under a spell. Not even carrying that i may wake up, not checking for my eyes, nothing. So i figured i had enough, i suggest she use both hands and she almost dies, jumps back so quick she almost falls. I say nothing, i stand up, drop my boxers and walk up to her. I put my hands on her shoulder, and guide her to her knees. She didn’t say a word and just stared sucking. There’s nothing like a woman who truly loves to suck. And my cousin loves it. After a little bit of that, i through her on the couch, pullEd her shorts off and pulled up her shirt. Flipped her over to her stomach and grabbed her from her hips to bend her over, spread her knees and pushed on her lower back to arch it for me. I wasn’t gong to make sure that she knew she was mine, to do with what i want.

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