Accident sex with aunty

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I m from Bangalore I m studying 21years old while going into the story I have to introduce my aunty name she is Jessy 51 years old she is has a saggy boobs with 34-36-34 measurements lets enter into the story..
I was very much fantasizing about her from my teen age when ever I went her home I will go to bathroom and I will feel the smell of her panty and bra even I found some hairs in her panty and I rubbed it to my dick my dick is 7′ length I usally do that when ever I went to her home I saw her many times in blouse I was very much mad about her boobs and her nipples look like needles form her blouse one day I went to her home she and his husband was there I thought that night to stay in her home and It was night I said to her that I will sleep in hall but she asked y u should sleep in bed room its a very big house and I said no no I m comfortable here and they said ok and its almost 2o clock I heard a sound that door opened I thought its a thief but its my aunty and uncle going to terrace I didn’t understand why they are going l.after some time I too went to see what they are doing out there and I saw that my aunty is fully naked and my uncle kissing her pussy I was shocked by seeing her naked and I too stroked there and I got cum after that I came to down but I didn’t slept after 2hrs my aunty and uncle came down to go there bed room and they are naked and my aunty passed by me I saw her pink lips with huge pussy hair again my dick became hard and I thought that I want to do sex with her many times I went to her home that intension but I never got chance one day afternoon my uncle went outside that he will be back at night and I m eating suddenly curry fell on my sleeve less shirt it became so dirty and I decided to go for bath and i went to bathroom without saying my aunty and I saw her bra and panty which are looking wet and I started licking that panty and rubbing that bra on my chest I forget to close the door clearly and she also came to do bath with naked body because she don’t that I m in bathroom and she looked at me and she was shocked that I m licking her panty and she got angry and slapped me and she said get out form my home and I become so sad and I got fear after few months her daughter marriage is going to happen and she came to invite with her sister she is 47 and her sister starred at my pants I was shocked after seeing her and after that one day her sister called me and said we have lot of work here you too come here to help us and I went to her home and I did all works there next day after tomorrow is marriage all relative begin to come and I was so busy with work after I got lot of sweat I wanted to take shower and i came after shower and her sister smiles at me and asked my panty and bra are there in that bathroom don’t touch it I was shocked and I moved from there and next day night all are getting ready to go for marriage because next day afternoon is marriage all got baths and all become sleep and I decided to go for shower that I have to get ready and while I m taking shower that door suddenly opened that was my aunties sister I was shocked that she was in Nighty and I covered my self and she said don’t act as innocent I have your video that you are licking my panty I was worrying about that she said get be ready and we have to go out side and I finished all the work and I went outside she is there and she given me tha car keys and said take the car and I started and went to that function hall there is no one is there and I was worried about what is going to happen suddenly she came and holds my hand and we went inside that function it’s almost 10 o clock I asked why are we here she called her two sisters one of them is my dream aunty both came there and they are in transparent sarees I m thinking that something going wrong and they bring me to one the room in that function hall and said remove your cloths and I did that because they have my video and they said stroke yourself I did that but my dick didn’t getting harder and they are screaming at me and said y ur dick is not getting hard I said I just got stroke my self and one of them removed her cloths she is fat and she came to me and said lie on her I.did that and another women came and lied on me I was became like sandwich in between them and they totally dominating me and I m also enjoying them and they have very big boobs and they said lick there pussy and I licking both of there pussy but the women who is my dream aunty is not coming she is sitting in sofa i was starring her and both said concentrate on our pussy and if we satisfied she will be yours and I started my activities lick licking and squarting there pussy and i pressed there boobs so wildly and they said fuck us and I started fucking them like an machine and after 20 mins I got cum on both of them there holes became wide finally my dream aunty came and said do what ever you want and I said I.don’t want to fuck you here I wanna fuck you in highway and you three has to come naked in car and they agreed and they sitted nakedly in car and I moved in Chennai highway its around 12 after moving 40km I saw a ground which is totally dark and I moved that car there and I turn offed that lights and I started making sex with her she is like wild she is sucking my dick like ice cream and her sisters licking my nipples and rubbing there boobs on me after a few min I started fucking her and I inserted my dick on her hole she moaned loudly and I said stay calm some one will come and she said yes and I started stroking her fastly and she started crying with pain because of my speed suddenly two beggars came there and we become shoke they said we also wanna join unless we will call people we are thinking how to escape there but we have no way finally that her two sisters agreed to do sex with them and they become happy nd they removed her pants every one shocked by seeing there size and thickness and they directly inserted there dicks in there pussy that her sisters are crying like hell because of those huge cocks and they dropped some chepa lickers on there pussy and some sand and that beggars inserted some sticks on there pussy after they cum they are begging to lev but they are not living them after 3 hrs we decided to give money to them and we will go and we gave money to that beggars and they went away and we started car they are crying with pain in pussy and at 4o clock we came to my home where no one is there and we four taken shower and we eat something nakedly and we got dressed and we started moving to there home

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