Sister and aunty big boobs

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Hi I am sandy from Delhi I completed my education and now I am doing job this was happened 3 years back when I am in 3rd year in this story I wanna introduce my sister shilpa and my aunty Victoria

Ok lets go into the story I m 5.9 feet boy with7.5′ dick and my sister has 36-38-35 and my aunty with 40-36-38 and she looks so hot me and my sister were studying from there home my aunty name is Victoria she has a boy with 12 years she is 52. Me and my sister will sleep in same room from childhood we are so close even we change cloths by seeing each other one day my sister didn’t wear anything and she completely covered with her blanket she is elder than me she is 27 and I woke up and went to her and asked her what happened and I removed her blanket and on that time she is watching porn in her mobile and I was shocked and she also begged me to don’t say to anyone and I said ok suddenly she changed everything she behaved like never she fingers in her pussy infront of me and my dick became hard and I said to her y u r watching that porn and she too agreed to my words and we commeted after that every day we will fuck each other one day I saw my aunty was bathing she forgot to lock the door and she didn’t noticed me I was mad about her big boobs and her nipples looking like needles with the very big size and clean shaved pussy at that night I was masterbuting my self with pleasure by remembering her my sister asked y u r doing that and I explained the whole scene and my sister got angry on me and she said don’t think like that…i was disappointed and next day she began to serve food for some relatives which they came home in that case her boobs are clearly visible because she wear a low neck nighty and that relative are men they are enjoying the view after an hour after they went I went to her and said y u wear this type of dress infront of them they starred at you and she turned towards me and said why are you so serious I don’t have any choice In that time and when I m going out from that sight she called me and said you also seen my boobs right. I was quite nervous on that time and she said even you saw my full naked body while I was bathing I was shocked after hearing that words and went away from that place and at that night she came to my room me and my sister was there and she started talking to me her cleavages are so clearly visible and she sit in front of me with legs and she opened widly I saw her pussy and my sister watching me so seriously after that my aunty went to her room and next day after my college I returned home and I went to bathroom and I shocked by seeing that scene there was my sister my aunty and another women who is her friend doing lesbian in bathroom first they feel nervous by seeing me there I ran to my room and my sister came to me and said come aunty is calling you and I went still they are naked in bedroom and my aunty said son its common we are doing this from many monts and we know that you are fucking your sister too and i become quite after that my aunty came towards me and hugged me with naked wet body I felt tight in my pants and that another women said your son son’s became so strong so lets play with his manhood and they removed my cloths and they asked tell us for first whole you want to fuck I said to my aunty I wanna fuck your friend first and she said ok and I said to them lets go to hall we will fuck there and we went first I licked all there pussy with gently and I rubbed and pressed there big boobs and I said ok lets do it more hot and I bring some clamps and candles and I tied both the aunties and I put that steel clamps to there nipples and i tied a thread to that clamps and I notd That tread with a bucket with some water they are crying with pain and I started putting wax on there navels and nipples and I burned my aunty and my sister nipples and I inserted my dick in her friends pussy she started shouting like dog and I increased fast she I begging me to fuck hard and I increased the speed and her pussy is shivering with pain and my speed after that we got hungry and my aunty order biryani and after some time that boy came to gave order and I went to take it when I opened the door my aunty also came with naked body and the got shocked and she ran to bedroom after that we had our dinner with naked bodies and my aunty given me a tablet and I had that too after that its my aunty turn I m rubbing my dick on her pussy lips for 20min she is begging to fuck her but I m not insterng my dick after 40 min she hold my legs to insert and I inserted she feels like heaven and I started fucking continuously 35 min her pussy started pain and after that she is tired and I fucked my sister for 20min and I cum on her and again I fucked her lot of times in that night and for two day we were naked in home I fucked that 3 women’s in kitchen, bathroom,balcony,everywhere and after few weeks my aunty is cooking in kitchen and I went to her and I lifted her saree and I fucked her there suddenly her father in law came his wife also died and he saw us in that position finally my aunty agreed to do sex with him also and he also started fucking her for 20min and he cum a lot her pussy filled with my cum and ass filled with his cum and we both drilled her both holes liike dogs from morning to evening she became so tired after that my sis came from outside and after sometime we started fucking my sister also my aunty starred us and smiled us by seeing that situation finally I had best time with them

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