Navi’s 2nd experience with Chinni

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Hi readers back with the next experience. Thanks for your lovely responses on my earlier post. Expecting same responses for this post also. Let me begin.

In earlier experience I said right my woke me when I am in Sandhya akka house. That sister is Chinni. She is my sister. This all started in some function happening at her home which is next to my house. So we all kids teens playing running here and there and catching others so I thought to hide not to get caught to them. When I am searching for a place I planned to hide under the bed ( cot) in a room. I went and hided under it without getting noticed by anyone.

All of a sudden some one entered into room and locked the room from inside I thought someone came to hide like me but when I secretly checked from the holes of the cot it's my pinni (Chinni's ). She is gorgeous and water is dripping from her body on the floor. She just had her both and came into this room to dress up. She has surrounded her saree when she entered. I thought to be silent and check my luck. She didn't notice me that I am under bed and started removing her saree to get dressed up.

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And she is standing nude in front of mirror. That I can clearly see her entire beauty without a single cloth on her. She is checking her beauty of body in mirror. My dick started its job. She is 38-32-40 and still that scene won't go out of my mind. Suddenly someone knocked the door. So she immediately dressed up with a petticoat, blouse and matching saree on it and opened the door and went out of room. And then I slowly came out of that room and found chinni sitting in hall so went near her and sat next to her and kept pillow on my ties to cover my standing dick.
She gave a smile and asked where where you? I just said using washroom. The day went normal. After a few days in my newly half-constructed house I am alone sleeping on the roof that day and heard a sounds from down. So just checked from roof what's happening. As it's a half constructed house walls built only half way and stopped due to rains. So I can see what's happening inside. What I she is never expected in my life. Chinni and my sister is kissing and sucking there lips each other. In no time they are undressed. Both girls started playing with each other body parts. They are cute with very young pubic hair on their . I also started playing with my dick and after some time they stopped and dressed up and slept kissing each other.

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So I also went back and slept on my mat thinking what happened and in no time I fell into sleep due to the cool breeze. After couple of hours I woke up I see someone is sleeping next to me. When I pull down the bed sheet she caught my hand and asked what you are doing? She is my sister Chinni. I said nothing and asked what happened you came up to the roof. She said it's a power cut didn't felt sleep so came up. I checked around there is power in surroundings. She said it's just came up. I said ok. Then we had a casual talk. But in my mind what she as done few hours ago is running and my dick started growing in my shorts.

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