Nisha – Eex’s friend

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Hi all this is Ashok age 26. This is one of my unforgettable experiences with my ex girlfriend’s friend happened in December.
The heroine of the story is Nisha aged 28. Nisha and myself were working in same company in Banglore. I never knew that Nisha and my ex were friends. One day Nisha texted me on a sunday which happens rarely-

Nisha- Hi Can i call you.
Me- Yeah Nisha.
N- do you know Meera.
Me- Which Meera
N- Ur ex gf of Kerala.
Me- Yes what happened and how you know her.
N- they both worked in same company once.
Me- oh how you know she is my ex.
N- she saw the pic group pic of on Insta and texted me.
Me- oh okay.
N- Why did you guys breakup.
Me- i explained her fully.
N- i feel bad for you.

From that day me and Nisha were close and somehow Meera also contacted me one day. She said she is gonna get married and invited me to wedding. Though i wasn’t interested i went also Nisha insisted. Since its in my hometown Cochin i helped Nisha in booking a room through Oyo. I stayed in my house.

Marriage was on Saturday morning followed by reception. In mean time Nisha’s behaviour in workplace and when we meet changed. We had coffee breaks and lunch meetups regularly. I knew something is getting between us. So we headed to Cochin. Since i had my car i traveled on Thursday as i had some other function. Nisha came on Saturday morning. I picked her up and took to room. She frehened and we went to marriage after that attended reception. Nisha hadn’t booked return bus as i said we will go together on sunday morning to banglore. In cochin i took her in my friend’s bike.

After marriage Nisha was wearing a kerala saree and she was looking amazing. Her navel was visible and her breasts ass everything looked perfect. Though she is bit Tan color she has 32-28-30 structure. After lunch we traveled back to hotel room which is 9 kms away from Marriage place and also 18 kms away from my home. I dropped her in my bike and while going there was a sudden rain and we started to get drench And reached to hotel. We both were drenched. She said to come to room as rain won’t stop. I took her to room. In the lift i noticed that water droplets were coming from hair amd her hip. I could see shape and everything. We reached room and she went to restroom. She came back by adjusting her saree sexily. She asked me to change and i stripped myself. She was staring my body.

N- Ashok how come you have perfect body.
Me- i work out daily.
N- r u sad bcoz of ur ex Getting married.
Me- no. Not at all.
N- i have a question.
Me- shoot
N- During your relationship u guys had sex right.
Me- yes
N- how many times
Me- i haven’t counted.
N- came near me.
i was just wearing a towel.
Me- What
N- you look amazing. Am i hot.
Me- yes you are hot.
Also what about you. Have you had sex before.
N- yes with my ex.
Me- good. Let me change.
N- u r drenched.
Me – yes
N- dry yourself.
Me- i will
N- come here i will.
And she removed the towel. I was naked as i didn’t have anything to change.
N- wow it’s big and hard.
Me- yes it is.
She came near me and touched the dick.
N- if you don’t mind can i taste it.
Before i answer she Started licking it and sucking it.
N- uuuuuuhhhhmmm its nice.

She was sucking my 8 inch. She started stroke. she did for 20 mins. She was giving heavy blowjoba like a pro. I was naked and she was in full dress. After 10 mins of stroke I said I am about.

N- In my mouth.
N- i exploded in her mouth. She drank fully.
Me- Nisha i want to see you naked.
N- you should strip me.

I removed her pallu and kissed her lips. It tasted my cum. We kissed for 15 mins. After that I put her on the bed and removed her saree completly. I kissed her navel and boobs over her blouse. She was crawling. Since our room was AC she was shivering. I removed her blue blouse and white petticoat. She was wearing a blue bra and panty. I removed that also. While removing i was licking her. We went into blanket and started smooching amd licking. I sucked her both boobs. I went down to her and sucked her pussy. I finger fucked and toungue fucked her. She was moaning heavily.

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