Brother’s dick (part 1)

Hey guys.I am Sushreena.Me and my family live in Delhi.I have a 2 year younger brother Sushreen.

My brother is very friendly with me.We share every thing with each other.He was friend more than a brother to me.
He is tall and smart.So many girls used to like him and sometimes I used to talk with them from my bros id.

Everything was going fine.One day due to some problem in my room I had to shift to his room for few days.I went to his room.we used to talk late night and chat from his id with girls.One day he felt asleep fast because he was out from home for whole day and he was very tired.I started watching movie and I finished it at about 12-12:30.Now I thought I should sleep and I was about to switch the light off I saw a message came to my bro mobile.It was from his friends group and I saw it.OMG it was shocked they were sharing porn movie.I didn’t know what to do,I was confused but later I thought as my bro was asleep thought to watch them.

Although I have watched porn previously I hadn’t seen this kind of porn.It was amazing.By watching porn I was some kind a wanted to have sex.But I could do was just fingering.But the fingering was not satisfying me.I went near my bro and called his name but as he was tired he was in a deep sleep.

I slowly touched his such from outside the pant.And I slowly opened his pant and started moving it with hand.His dick size was slowly rising and got to its final size.It was so juicy and was so big I want to suck it but I was scared if he knew then it would be a kind of ……
So I moved it for some time and as I could not control myself so I sucked it .it was so hot. Sucking for some time he ejaculated sperm in my mouth.I felt good.Then I cleaned my mouth and went to sleep.

Next morning I was scared if he knew about the night but he was unaware about that.I also speaker with him as nothing happened. Now I got a corage and I want to do it again that night also aand I was waiting for the night.

(To be continued…..)

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