My Son help me finding a sex partner

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My name is Shaleni singh I am married 46 year old from Delhi, I visit this site some time when I am free and I really enjoy reading stories here some are really hot to make some one cum from her mind and I really enjoyed some stories but recently I read about a story “Mom fuck with my help” written by my son about me and my next door neighbor’s Mandeep Singh affair.

Let me tell you about me I am married since last 28 year and I have a son now 27 year old but this story is about three year old at that time I was 43 year old my husband is a electrical engineer and he is working in gulf since last ten years we had good life when he was here but due to some financial problem, he had to accept a job is gulf region and he visit us in two years for two month on holidays . He was posted in very remote are where school and education was problem, so I have to adopt to live back in India and to look after my family and to give education to my only son Raj who was in 12th grad at that time so for his education purpose I live in New Delhi we over come our financial problem with husband job in Gulf as he earn much more there compare to India so we purchase a decent apartment in good locality of south Delhi and me and my son live there , My son Raj is working in a bank after completing his masters in finance.

About me I belong to Punjabi family I am tall 5-7 oval long face , completion was mild fair toward brown but my big black eyes are main attraction on my face, silky long brownish dyed hair, soft lips , figure was well in shape for guys I can telling you 36-C 32-38 perfect breast and rounded hips , they swaging while I walk and I know people stare them in markets and others out side place, and parties. And I enjoy people looking at them .

The incident I am going to narrate here for you is about my affair with a neighbor Mr. Mandeep Singh was a brain child of my Son Raj and he plan it him self to make me close to Mandeep Singh , and it was turn into sexual relation with him let me admit here that before I never had any affair with any one after I get Married to my Husband Kuldeep Singh. But when I was in college I had few affairs but never went to sex, only few times we had some smooching, kissing or folding of my breast but I was virgin at time of my wedding. And my husband Kuldeep broken my virginity, we had good time after our marriage and we had one son but after my husband went to gulf I was starving in sex lust but I never had courage to find out any suitable man and honestly telling you I never can do that if my Son Raj don’t come out to help me , I am really thank full for his help and now I am really very happy.

Let me come to real story ( this is not story but a real incident which turn my life into happiness)This is first time you are reading other part of same storyfrom person involve into it. Mandeep Sindh was my next door neighbor and we live in a multi story building and our flat are on top floor and only two flats were on each floor, he was a Punjabi Business men from Ludiana and his family live in home town he use to come to Delhi very often and stay in his flat he was good looking man tall over six feet and well build whitish completion big mustaches on upper lips he was a ex-Indian Hockey player so he has is very smart and handsome personality at this age too. My Son Raj had good friendship with him and when he was in Delhi they use to spend time together go to movies and play card and drink together As I know Mr. Mandeep is good person so I don’t have any objection that Raj spend time with him.

One day when were having out Dinner Raj told me that he wanted to invite Mr, Mandeep on dinner as I don’t have any problem with it so I agreed and tell him to invite him some day and I will prepare food for him, so Raj was very happy and thanks me and quieckly finish his dinner while I was cleaning dinning table Raj ask me “ Mom can I bring some whisky for him on dinner…”

Why is this necessary ……..??? ” I enquired
Yes Mom it make dinner more good and you know he is Punjabi person and they drink before dinner ,,,,
I don’t want to make Raj un happy so I agreed “ okay theek hai “ and I went to kitchen and after some gap I heard Raj saying “ Mom do you like to join us in drinks”

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