Sleeping with Widowed aunt

Hi readers im sai, i am going to tell you how i gave pleasure to my widowed aunty. Her name is jaya shree (name changed) she was my mom’s close friend. She stands 5.6 feet tall she is in her mid 40’s with lean body, with medium beauty recently her hubby passed away and she was in total depression and in additional to that she was shocked of her daughter is getting married to unknown guy. I liked her so much and she used to treat me as her own son, our bonding grew more strong after the death of her hubby.

My mom used to console her always, i felt sad for her i did’nt had any intention of seducing her, it all happened instantly, i was able to change her life style once for all.

It once happened i visited to her home, since my home is far i left my home early in the morning, when i reached her home there was no one near her home. I rang the door bell, jayashree opened the door she stood in nighty, she ws beautiful as always, she greeted me properly, and i locked the door. We had our conversations, for a long time about her daughter’s marriage, she was depressed and started to cry, i tried to conole her and put my hand on her shoulder.

She held my hand tightly and cried even more, i was bit aroused by the touch of her, i put my other hand around her and consoled her she was crying and rested her head on my shoulder. I tried to convince her saying her positive thing, she lift her head up i looked in her face and she too looked in my eyes, we neared our distance, suddenly she asked me “what are you doing sai?” i said “iam making you feel comfortable aunty” she replied “i dont think so” i said ” give me a chance i will make you feel good” she replied “go on” my mind was telling to kiss her pink cherry lips, and without wasting a second i kissed on her lips “sai what is this” she asked in bold tone i replied her “dont worry aunty it will feel more relaxed if you accept” she asked “what am i supposed to do now” i took it as a green signal and kissed her more passionately, she was in state of shock and finally she responded by kissing me. Now the urge in me raised we were uncontrollably kissing each other, as if there is no tomorrow, we broked the kiss after 10 minutes.

She: My hubby even did not tempt to kiss me darling you are awesome.
Me: I will make love to you aunty you will not forget
She: Sure i like the way you say dear, what should i do now?
she asked me like a innocent girl, i understood how innocent she was all these days, i dragged her towards me and made her sit next to me and kissed her earlobes, cheeks, nose, lips, neck and my hand went under her nighty and rubbed her legs, damn it was so soft, i slowly moved my hands towards her thighs, it was muscular, i was rubbing her thighs mean while she was moaning heavily and she was getting into mood. My hands ran to her inner wear, the moment my hand touched her cunt over her panty, she immediately cummed it was all wet.

“aaaahhhh….mmmmmm” she moaned looks like she was so sex starved all these years. I decided to make her give more pleasure, I was slow on her, I lifter her in my arms and moved to the room and placed her on the bed, i went under her nighty and removed her panty in one swift, her vagina was clearly visible, it had small hairs around it, i placed my fingers on her cunt lips and rubbed it very slow. “aaaaahhh…sai…romba nalla iruku da please niruthade”(its so nice please dont stop).

I rubbed her pussy lips and slowly parted her pussy lips,”ssshhhh…oohhhhh….apidi tha nalla naku da….romba sugama iruku”(its like that it feels so relaxed) she said, holding my head under her nighty, i was damn happy i inserted my middle finger and index finger into her honey spot and licked her cunt nicely, i was making her get more aroused she was moaning very heavily “aaahhhh…mmmm…yen purusha kuda ippidi yen kudhi ye lick pannale”(even my hubby did not lick my cunt like this). After few seconds she again sprayed her cum on my face. I tasted her cum, it was salty and stood up to remove her nighty.

She held my hand and directed to her pussy and kissed me. I responded to her and i removed her nighty i one go, she did not wear any bra. Her boobs was size of apple, she took my other hand and placed on her small boobs, her nipples were swollen and rigid ” vandu yen mulaya pudichi gatti ya amuku da”(press my boobs hard) i pressed as per her desire, and bit her nipples hard “aahhh…aahh…apidiye amuku nalla pudichi amuku” i pressed harder and sucked her nipples. I held her hand and guided to my penis over my pant, she was shy I said her “its nothing to get shy aunty I also feel same thing as you feel” she held my hardened cock and stroked slowly over my jeans. My both hands were busy with pressing her apple breast and inserting inside her vagina, “aaahhhh…mmm….romba suguma iruku” she was moaning. She sat on the bed and unbuckled my jeans and saw my tent in the boxers she kissed on the bulge and slowly removed my boxers. My cock was free now she was amazed to see my cock, it was clean shaven bit curved like a big banana “dai ne romba perusa iruke da, ivalo perusa na pathade illa, ayyo”(you are big I have not seen so big like this before) she exclaimed.

She was admiring my big cock for couple of minutes I said her “yenna pakare, vandu yen pool ah umbu jayashree”(come suck my cock). She was bit hesitated, I said her “naanu un kudhi ye evalovu nalla nakkune, ne vandu yen poola umbu di mavala(I licked your cock, and its your turn to suck my cock). She replied “enaku yepidi umbuno nu theriyadu, yen purusha yena avan poola umba vidule”(I don’t know how to suck a cock my hubby did not let me to suck his cock), I thought his hubby is total scrap, I said her “its like sucking a lollypop” She slowly held the base of my shaft and slowly took my penis in her mouth, but she gagged a bit, I applied little thrust and my cock head went inside her small mouth, “mmmmm…mmmffhhg…” she moaned sucking my cock, 4 inches only went in and other 3 inches were out of my mouth, after few minutes of gagging and sucking I withdrew my cock from her mouth. She said “un pool romba perusu ah iruku da yennale padhi tha umba mudiyum”. She removed my shirt and we were in our bday suits. I slept on the bed nude stretching my legs, and called her near me she sat on the corner of the bed feeling shy. I dragged her towards me and kissed her, she was no feeling comfortable, I put her in missionary and guided my cock to her hairy cunt, and teased my cock head on her pussy lips she was moaning heavily and cummed a little juices.

I slowly pushed my dick head inside her cunt cherry, “aahhhhh….amma….romba valikidu da aahhh…aaahhh…” she cried in pain I paused for a while and asked her “should I continue” she nodded her head saying yes, I gave my torso a slight push around 1 inch went in. “aahhh…yyaaa…un pool romba perusa mota va iruku da’’(your dick is long and thick) she continued as I started to penetrate slowly inside her vagina. “en kudhi evalavu perusa na poola yeduthadilla, ana undu romba perusa iruku”(my cunt has not taken big but yours is so big) I asked her “un purusha pool perusa illa?(is your hubby’s cock big) she replied “ava pool un pool le padhi da, avandu romba chinadu”(his cock is half in size of your’s), I slowly penetrated inside her pussy. It was so tight it was not used by many years, her pussy walls was so hard at the beginning I slowly increased my pace and bent to her mouth and gave a long deep kiss, this time she responded much better probably she was getting into mood, she encircled her legs around my backi understood what she is up to next I fucked her properly now her pussy walls were dry. I couldn’t penetrate properly, I went to bathroom and came back with coconut oil, I poured on my cock and lubricated it, and continued to fuck her. After 10 minutes I changed my posture, and we both stood on bed, I lifted her one leg up and jayashree guided my cock inside her pussy, I fucked her in standing position pressing her tiny boobs, and rubbing her clitrios she was flowing with my moments “aaahhh…mmmm…undu tha da nijamana pool….yen kudhi ye un peri pool ah le vitu adi da yenna…”(yours is actual cock,fuck my pussy with your big cock), the cot was shaking and we were having great sex. I could not believe that I was satisfying my aunt today, we ended upto 10 minutes.

We came to 69position and licked each others parts. I put her in doggy style and lubricated my cock again, it was glittering I fucked that slut in her glory hole, this time I penetrated her more deep and more hard she was now enjoying my sex, “ippo tha yenaku suguma iruku da” “aaahh…uuuhhhh…mmmm….hhhaaaa….nalla othuko da yenna…othuko(please fuck me” she was singing her moans, I humped her I was more hornier today “en pool ah keta illa inda vangiko inda nalla vangiko di thevdiya(you asked for my dick is it take it you fuckin bitch), I never used bad words, but the monster inside me made me to speak so. She replied “aaahhh…aahhhh..aama naanu un thevdiya”(yes iam your prostitute), saying so she was becoming more hornier we were energized with bad words, she was cumming out like a never ending stream.”aahhhh….ayyo..aama…un pool yen kudhi ki ulla poidichi da”(your cock has touched my cervix)she cried and said “yen liquid varudu da”(im about to cum) she cummed with blood. My cock drilled deep inside her honey well she was real whore now,we ended upto 15 minutes. We were panting heavily she was drenched with sweat, she was exhausted and fell on my chest I asked her “inu oru round ku ready ya di”(are you ready for another round dear) she slept beside me and saw my 7’ inches cock still standing like a pole and said “yen life le ivalavu neram na othukuve illa da yen purusha pool la 10 minutes ke thungidu, ana un pool inum strong ah iruku(I have not been fucked for so long in my life, my hubby’s cock had no stamina at all and lasted upto 10 minutes but yours is still strong and hard). We changed to cow girl posture and penetrated herself , with my cock, she was humping fast, as her small breast was bouncing like a tennis ball. My cock was flowing in and out of her vagina with ease, this time she too was sheered with excitement, she bent down and we shared a long kiss,her pussy walls were squeezing my hard cock,”aahhh, un pool romba gatti ya iruku da,’’(your cock is so hard son) she cried, I asked her “yen peri poolale un chinna myir kudhi ye nalla othu thallure di thevdiya”(I will fuck your small hairy cunt with my big cock, you bitch). I holded on to her boobs and sucked it hard, now milk flowed from her breast, “please da yen pal ya kudi da ne innum strong ave, I drank all her milk, it was never ending kind of thing, I drained her milk. I slept besides her and she guided my cock inside her cunt, I penetrated her slowly “aahhh…mmmm…oooohh ippideye othuko inda thevdiya ve please da chellam romba nalla iruku”(please keep on fucking this whore dear its so nice), I was fucking her rubbing her clit the room was filled with sort of sound phat phat phat!!”we were continuously moaning.

I was about to cum, I put her in missionary and asked her where to cum “yen kudhiulla ve cum pannu da” I increased my speed, she was moving up and down I drained my semen inside,I could feel I was still cumming, her vagina was filled with my semen and mixed with her juices came out of her hole making huge thick white patches around the bed. She looked confusing, I took out my cock and slept beside her, slowly my cock lost its erection. “un kita romba sperms iruku da(you have a huge load of sperm). I asked her “yepidi iruku jayashree”(how it is)
She turned at me and said “ne tha yen purusha ne tha yenaku suguthe katune yenna mulusa tripti paduthune(you are my hubby, you showed me heights of satisfaction and pleasure), inimey naanu un thevdiya ne yeppo venalum yenna othuko(here after iam your bitch, prostitute, raandi,slut etc.. fuck me when ever you want to).

I was happy for real I kissed her again. I asked her what if she becomes pregnant she replied that she lost her fertility few years ago, that is why her cunt was dry. We were sweating, badly we moved to bathroom and cleaned each other, I shaved her cunt, it looked even more nice, she took real care of me we were nude all the day she cooked nude. I was about to leave she told me that her children were out of town to visit her parents. I stayed back. We slept nude all the day and woke up night and I asked her “jayashree thevdiya, vandu yen poola un kai vitu aatu”(cum and stroke my cock you bitch) I spread my legs and she sat beside me and slowly holded on to my dick with her small hand slowly she started to stroke my dick. It was so awesome feeling, it was more relaxed than using my own hand, she was really enjoying her company, I was feeling more relaxed, that I almost slept, she used 2 hands to stroke my dick, she was doing it so perfectly, I liked her. I fingred her cunt as she stroked my dick with her hands 10 minutes later she cummed a lot I placed my vagina to my mouth and she cummed, it was thick and bitter in taste, I liked her cunt and her ass, later I was about to cum I asked her “yen sperm taste pannu di”(taste my sperm dear)I made her sleep and put my monsterous cock between her small tits and she massaged my shaft, within seconds I cummed on her face, she drank all my semen, like a hungry dog “un sperm romba taste ah iruku da”.

We had sex whole night I was into anal and drilled her ass, I fucked her untill there was so stamina left in my body. I had threesome, I will tell you in my next story.

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