Sleeping with Widowed aunt

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Hi readers im sai, i am going to tell you how i gave pleasure to my widowed aunty. Her name is jaya shree (name changed) she was my mom’s close friend. She stands 5.6 feet tall she is in her mid 40’s with lean body, with medium beauty recently her hubby passed away and she was in total depression and in additional to that she was shocked of her daughter is getting married to unknown guy. I liked her so much and she used to treat me as her own son, our bonding grew more strong after the death of her hubby.

My mom used to console her always, i felt sad for her i did’nt had any intention of seducing her, it all happened instantly, i was able to change her life style once for all.

It once happened i visited to her home, since my home is far i left my home early in the morning, when i reached her home there was no one near her home. I rang the door bell, jayashree opened the door she stood in nighty, she ws beautiful as always, she greeted me properly, and i locked the door. We had our conversations, for a long time about her daughter’s marriage, she was depressed and started to cry, i tried to conole her and put my hand on her shoulder.

She held my hand tightly and cried even more, i was bit aroused by the touch of her, i put my other hand around her and consoled her she was crying and rested her head on my shoulder. I tried to convince her saying her positive thing, she lift her head up i looked in her face and she too looked in my eyes, we neared our distance, suddenly she asked me “what are you doing sai?” i said “iam making you feel comfortable aunty” she replied “i dont think so” i said ” give me a chance i will make you feel good” she replied “go on” my mind was telling to kiss her pink cherry lips, and without wasting a second i kissed on her lips “sai what is this” she asked in bold tone i replied her “dont worry aunty it will feel more relaxed if you accept” she asked “what am i supposed to do now” i took it as a green signal and kissed her more passionately, she was in state of shock and finally she responded by kissing me. Now the urge in me raised we were uncontrollably kissing each other, as if there is no tomorrow, we broked the kiss after 10 minutes.

She: My hubby even did not tempt to kiss me darling you are awesome.
Me: I will make love to you aunty you will not forget
She: Sure i like the way you say dear, what should i do now?
she asked me like a innocent girl, i understood how innocent she was all these days, i dragged her towards me and made her sit next to me and kissed her earlobes, cheeks, nose, lips, neck and my hand went under her nighty and rubbed her legs, damn it was so soft, i slowly moved my hands towards her thighs, it was muscular, i was rubbing her thighs mean while she was moaning heavily and she was getting into mood. My hands ran to her inner wear, the moment my hand touched her cunt over her panty, she immediately cummed it was all wet.

“aaaahhhh….mmmmmm” she moaned looks like she was so sex starved all these years. I decided to make her give more pleasure, I was slow on her, I lifter her in my arms and moved to the room and placed her on the bed, i went under her nighty and removed her panty in one swift, her vagina was clearly visible, it had small hairs around it, i placed my fingers on her cunt lips and rubbed it very slow. “aaaaahhh…sai…romba nalla iruku da please niruthade”(its so nice please dont stop).

I rubbed her pussy lips and slowly parted her pussy lips,”ssshhhh…oohhhhh….apidi tha nalla naku da….romba sugama iruku”(its like that it feels so relaxed) she said, holding my head under her nighty, i was damn happy i inserted my middle finger and index finger into her honey spot and licked her cunt nicely, i was making her get more aroused she was moaning very heavily “aaahhhh…mmmm…yen purusha kuda ippidi yen kudhi ye lick pannale”(even my hubby did not lick my cunt like this). After few seconds she again sprayed her cum on my face. I tasted her cum, it was salty and stood up to remove her nighty.

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