Sweet wife

This is ankit. I live in mumbai with mith my aai and baba. I work in an mnc. My father’s friend died in a road accident. Dad got a call from their daughter. Dads friend had inter religion marriage. So they had no contact with their parents. She was crying loudly on phone I was able to hear her voice. It was sweet. Dad calmed her down.

Then she said her mother and father died in road accident. She said she didn’t know whom to call. So she called him. Dad told me to book his and moms next flight to delhi. I said what happened. Dad got angry with me. I said what did I do. Let me tell about myself. I am muscular person with 5 feet 10 inch ht. I have maintained a good body. I am heartless person.

People say I don’t have emotions. I booked a evening flight. I didn’t care about what happened. I was just happy that I will do night out with friends. Mom knee me very well. Mom told me to stay at home as theft has increased at our colony. I got sad. I said ok. I booked their flight. After they went In the evening I called my friends to come to my house for party. We did partied. There were some 15 friends including female friends. We partied for whole night.

I asked them to stay at home as they are drunk. They will be caught by police unnecessary. They thanked me and said ok. One of my friend asked me you are sad now a days. What happened I said jaanvi I don’t know. I am not ok with anything nowa days. My life has become boring. She said change your job and get a girlfriend. I said you know I hate relationships. I don’t want to commit. She said then change your job sweety. We hugged. Other friends saw and they started cheering for us. I told them there is nothing like that. We partied hard all night. One of my neighbour came to my house and said to lower music volume. We then agreed to get to sleep. As it was already 4:00 in morning. Janvi woke me up at 12:00 and said she is going.every one is gone. I told her wait for 10 mins. I will drop you. She said ok. I then dropped her off. She said to come home. I said next time.

Her mother saw me and told me to come inside. I then went inside. I had lunch at her place. After that I left. Jaanvi bid me goodbye. I went to market to pick groceries. Mom said she will be back after 3 days. I said ok. I went to my house. It was already 3 in the afternoon. I decided to watch agents of shield. Next day was my office. 3 days passed by. Mom and dad came with a beautiful girl of age 21 years old. She had brown hair. Blue eyes. She was extremely thin. Pure milky white. She was looking like a barby doll. Her figure must have been 32-26-34. Her eyes were red. Mom told she is maya. I knew she was mani uncles ( who died) daughter. Mom took all her language to her room. I then went to my meeting.

I went out of my room at 8:00 pm . Mom said when we can start counting you in human species. Dad joked never. He can never become one. I said yes because I am son of people whose ancestors were from monkeys family. How can i become human being. Mom slapped me on my back. Maya smiled. I said can you specifically tell what I do. She said it took me 4 hours to clean house. And your room is left. I said listen I am not your maid. You are unofficial maid of house. It’s your work. She said in ager tone monster you are.

Then I went to my friends house and came back at 10:30. They all did dinner. Mom said sleep with us tonight. I said what. She said yes maya will sleep in your room. Room belongs to her now. I said I thought she is here for dayss. She said maya is our daughter now. I said I will sleep on sofa. She said you wont be able to sleep. I said what about yours and dads privacy. I and mom were closed from childhood. Let me tell you about my mom. She is white complexion. Extremely hot. Her figure is 41-32-40. She told me that’s why I want you to sleep in my room. I don’t mind you seeing anything at night than her. I mean we are family. Even if you see me and your dad doing at night we will not feel offended. Because we are family. I said ok plus I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable due to any other person in your home. Mom changed into seethrough baby doll dress. She told me have you someone having sex. I said mom I have had enough girlfriends in my past. She said but have you saw any other person. I said no. I said you will enjoy tonight. She came and slept in between me and my dad. I and dad were in boxers. I was using my phone. I saw mom and dad were sleeping hugging each other. I took their photo from 2 -3 angles.

After sometime dad started kissing mom in his sleep. I slowly opened moms dress. She was nude. Then after sometime dad opened his shorts . After some time dad went on top of mom and put his penis inside her and started ramming her. It was dark in room. There was a light from window which was coming. Mom was moaning madly. Dad forgot I am also there. Mom was looking at me and moaning with wicked smile. Then she came on top of dad and started jumping on him. Dad said ankit might wake up. Mom said he is 24 and adult. He understands everything. Mom said to me baby are you sleep. I said you are moaning loudly. Maya may wake up. Dad was shocked. He was embarrassed but mom kept riding on top of him. After sometime he came inside her. Mom slept on top of him. They fucked for 2 hours.

After sometime i slept. I woke up at 2:09 and saw dad was not there. I went to toilet and came and saw dad was sleeping at my place. I went and slept. Mom hugged me thought it’s dad. I removed my shorts lubricated my penis and came on top of her and started giving her lighter strokes. She was a deep sleeper. I tried to came late. I cummed inside her after 20 minutes. After I went to sleep at my place. I saw dad on top of mom. He fucked her for another 15 minutes and slept. I put up boxer. And slept hugging mom. Mom too thought its me. I am hugging in sleep. She hugged me back.

Then dad to hugged her and she was sandwitched. Dad woke mom and said he wants to kiss her. She turned and they started smooching. And I slept. I wake up when mom was resting her head on my lap. I woke up. Dad was in sleep. he took her head towards him and started kissing her. I took some of their photos. Dad then woke up. Got on top of mom and fucked her hard for another half hour. I woke up in between and said arent you guys dine yet. Dad was not hesitant now with me. He said your mom is too hot. They were kissing and I was watching. I asked dad can I join. Dad got angry. I said just once please. Mom too got angry and said no. Dad said ok let’s have 3 some. Dad told to mom its ok sweetheart. We were planning for 3 some for a long time. Who’s better than our own son. Mom then came on top of dad. I went from back and inserted my penis in her ass crack. Since dad was kissing her. She was not able to scream. Blood started dripping out. She was crying. It was paining like hell to her. We were fucking her like bitch. We were fucking with full speed. Dad then came inside her after 30 minutes. She said you are a monster. She said Her ass is paining like hell. I then told her to come on top of me as I was still hard. She came on top of me. I started kissing her. I signalled dad to insert in her vagina.

She started throwing her hands. I hugged her tightly and kept kissing her. After some time she was normal. We fucked her for another 1 hour.

I woke up at 9:00 and saw that angel Maya was still sleeping.i took a shower. Made breakfast and started doing my work in Hall. Maya woke up. Had a bath. She then went to kitchen and saw breakfast was prepared. She came to Hall and saw I was doing my work. She said hi. Is maasi awake. She use to call my mother maasi. I said no. She is sleeping. Dad woke up took bath. Took breakfast and went for work. Mom woke up at 12:30.i saw she was not able to walk. Maya asked what happened aunty. She said she feel in bathroom. Maya was so innocent she didn’t understood. I and mom smiled. Maya prepared lunch. She asked Maya when is her joining date she said next month. She asked me to take Maya to see the city. Maya asked her to join. She said I don’t think I will be able to walk properly for a week or two. Maya said it’s ok aunt. Dad came in evening.

I was finished with my work too. Dad said I have brought the sound proof. She will not be able to scream now. I said dad she will die. We both are 8 inches long and 3.5 inches thick. Dad said she will be used to. We went to sleep. Dad put red light in room. He opened sound proof. Mom said I can’t handle today please. dad said you have to give at anyhow. I said leave it dad. He hot angry and went to sleep. I and mom were chatting. I started kissing her. She too started reponding. I went on top of her. Started fucking her normally. She was trying to lower her moan. I then cam inside her.

Then dad got up and went on top of her and started giving harder strokes. She was moaning loudly. Then dad asked her to ride on top. She was riding on top of dad. I said dad alone. Dad said join us. Mom got scared. She said no please. I went from backside and sstarted giving barder strokes in her ass.

We fucked her till 4:30 in morning. We came inside her multiple times. Mom was in very bad condition next day. Dad went office. I was having weekend.

I woke up at 9:30.I woke up took shower. And went outside. Maya had prepare breakfast. I smiled seeing her. She smiled too. I said good morning angel. She smiled shyly. She said do I look like an angel. I said yes. We chatted in Hall and played games. She asked me about my girlfriends. I said I am single now a days. She said what do you mean by now a days. She said I may have a chance to get into relationship if I find a proper girl. She said do u like anyone. I said I dont know she is a friend. She got sad. I said I think I like her. But I am worried if she says no. She is a close family friend. I said I am 25 now. I want to come in a serious relationship. She said she too wants to come in a relationship. I said who is the guy.

What happened after that I will tell you later

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