Seducing Justin 1 – Meeting

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It started in the first strict lockdown period due to the Covid pandemic. Schools were closed and only essential trips were allowed.
I love gardening and started spending 4 – 6 hours daily in the garden, mainly mornings. I always dress sexy and casually, like high cut shorts, and tank tops with huge arm cut outs that displays my huge boobs and large brown areolas from the sides and when I twist or bend, or a mini skirt or dress, see through tops and I never wear a bra or panties.

After a few days, I noticed a young boy walking past every day, first shy but later more confidently, and started greeting me. Soon he started walking past our house a few times a day and always greeting 😊

Then I started teasing him. When I saw him coming, I would bend down that he can see one of my tits hanging out, or a glimpse of my bum cheeks or pussy. Then he walked slower, even bending his head to try and get a better peek!
A few days later he mustered more confidence and started making small talk after greeting, about my garden and flowers, his school that is closed due to covid, his sporting activities that he is missing, etc. He was so cute but still shy at the same time.

After a few more days, he walked past our house at least 4 times a day, and started making longer conversations, about his school, computer hobbies and also asked me about my garden and life, and If I go the Gym because I look so firm and fit.

I am 53 years old, quite short at 1.6 m, but makes up for this with a sexy and well-shaped body, firm round womanly hips, athletic legs and with beautiful large natural breasts (36 C Plus), and big brown areolas with hard big nipples. My breasts were still very firm, only slightly sagging due to the size and weight. I have a very attractive face and features, big blue eyes and slightly curly white-blonde hair to my shoulders. Most people say that I look at least 10 years younger.

I have a beautiful daughter of 32, living in Europe and I am somewhat of a trophy wife for my second Husband. He is a wonderful man, 12 years older than me and very successful in business, for which he has to travel substantially in the Country and abroad.. I have a mansion of a house in an exclusive Estate and a Mercedez convertible. Due to my husband’s absences and being older, it does often leave me sexually frustrated.

When I chatted with this attractive young man, I will pretend to continue with gardening and bend over to give him a closer look at my boobs, and I know he can also see my big erect brown nipples! I could see he loved it and asked more questions about flowers, seeds, my gym exercises and the people at the gym.

After about a week, he said he would like to learn more about gardening and offered to help me for a few hours a day, as he finished his schoolwork early.

I told him it will be wonderful, and especially if he could help with the harder physical work like with a spade, moving the lawn, etc. But I insisted that I cannot allow him to do it for free, and that he must also first get permission from his parents that it will not interfere with his homework.

I offered to pay him $ 20 per day for the 2 hours. He was first shy to accept the money offer but I insisted, mentioning that it will be handy for his savings for a new computer game.
The next day he told me his Mother agreed and then started to join me every day for 2 hours.

It was fun and I enjoyed teasing him, wearing extra sexy and see through clothes or ultra short tank tops with the huge openings, and regularly bending and twisting to give him a better look at my tits, nipples and bum, and sometimes a glimpse of my shaven pussy from certain angles.

The first 2 days when he worked there and me teasing him all the time, we always went into the house after an hour for a break and to get a cold drink and something to eat.
We continued the small talk and I asked him about his friends if he had a girlfriend, his experiences, and the life of a schoolboy. He said that he only had one serious girlfriend before, but she broke up with him a few months earlier for an older guy. He was still a bit heartbroken and when I probed him, shyly admitted that he has never had sex before.

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