Having sex with my sleeping mother

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The Garden of Eden


Chapter 1 – Introduction –

Today I want to tell the story of how I lost my virginity at 18 to my adopted mother, Iris Quinn. To start off, I’ve been with my adopted mother for the past 3 years and she has been my caregiver due to my previous parents being unfit. Initially, I was shy and timid as I am with everything, but then as we got to really know one another, we became very close. My mother, Iris, is a gorgeous brown skin woman with a protective, humorous, loving, sincere personality. As for reference, when my biological parents threatened to harm me, she stepped in and defended me. In sum, my relationship with my mother was very strong. However, your not here to listen to me rant about my mother, your here because you want to know my story of how I had sex with her, and today I will tell that story.

Chapter 2 – Opening Development –

As I said, Iris is a beautiful black woman with B cup breasts, smooth legs, a thick butt, and amazing lips and it wasn’t long until I grasped that this was who I was living with 24/7. After getting over the depression of my biological parents and finally calling this place home, I grasped how sexy my mother was one weekend when we were both home. This particular weekend, we planned to watch movies all day as it was going to rain. We normally bonded over restaurant outings and other activities, but a sleep-in would bring us even closer. As the rain poured and the hunger games series played, me and my mother were on her bed eating popcorn and enjoying the movie. It wasn’t until she went into the bathroom to change into just her underwear and a t-shirt, then proceeded to cuddle up with me. She persuaded me to become more vulnerable and not so timid as she was my mother and she loves every part of me. We then turned off the movie, cuddled and had a long talk about my biological parents. As we went to bed, she spooned me as we slept which made me really horney. Feeling her braless tits through her shirt, and the smoothness on her thighs and legs made me extremely hard. Nevertheless, I subdued these feelings and went to bed. Why you may ask, because sexuality was the last thing on my mind as getting over my anxiety from my biological parents was a task.

However, after that day I would never forget that same tender feeling from my mother. As I saw her around the house, I took in her lushes legs and toes, and would almost die at the sight of just her in her panties and shirt, my favorite being her gray tank top with brown underwear. Everytime I apologized for walking in on her almost naked she would say, “it’s fine, you’re my son, it’s not a big deal, I don’t avoid you in your boxers do I.” One time, I accidentally saw her fully naked changing in her room. I saw her perky tits with sexy nipples, and her mildly hairy pussy. I don’t know everything about vaginas, but from what I can tell It was a horseshoe shape, with a visible clit in the middle, showing her small flaps. Towards the sides were just her mountain shaped labia majoras. After doing this, she simply said it’s fine and proceeded as normal.

Chapter 3 – Bold Adventures –

Going forward I soon began to masturbate again. I previously stopped when things got rough with my biological parents, but Iris encouraging me to be comfortable while also showing me parts of a woman I only saw on porn, restored my sex drive. I would ease into just masturbating once a week when she went shopping, sometimes looking at porn, but then it would cycle into almost everyday. By nightfall, I would go in her room, make sure she is asleep, then jerk off in my bed. Sometimes downstairs on the couch, in the bathroom, and when she was gone, in her own bed. My sex drive increased ten fold and I would soon be obsessed with sexual pleasure again. However, as this unfolded, I would soon develop a lust for Iris.

Instead of just watching porn, I fantasize about her. Having sex with her, licking her, fingering her, ect. Each time we would spend time together, I would think of her sextually and everytime we touched, I would get extremely horny. This elevated the first time I got a hold of her clothes. On a Wednesday night, she had to attend an outing with her friends and told me to do the laundry while she was gone. Since we mesh together each of our clothes, I had to also wash her dirty clothes. While putting them in, I sniffed her baise panties, black bras, and even licked on each of them. I smelled the dirty scent of her pussy and got SO horny. I pulled down my pants and masturbated with them, stroking my cock with the vaginal lining of her underwear, the same underwear I always see her in. About 10 minutes into jerking myself, I finished in her panties. Feeling extreme guilt and anxiety, I washed them with the rest of the clothes and made sure no trace of my cum was present. When Iris got home, all was normal and the following days proceeded as usual. I realized that I could conjure up these deeds to feel even more pleasure, so I did this for a good amount of time, smelling and masturbating into her dirty clothes.

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