Unique incest story; son is stripped by his artist mother

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Sex stories, incest story, mom and son, son is stripped by his artist mother … Mom is a sculptress. A good one. Her studio was adjacent to our house.

She did plenty of nudes. Male and female. So I was used to handsome people arriving and leaving…although they were clothed when I saw them.


I should introduce myself. I’m a 19-year-old community college student. I still live at home. I am extremely fit. I pride myself on my time in the gym. I’m good looking too. At least I’ve been told that a number of times. And no one has complained about my body parts.

I still live at home. A bummer. But after finishing this second year at the local community college, I’m going to a four-year university far (far) away. I’ve saved up the money. Mom has helped. Dad left us a pretty good sum from his life insurance policy. Heart attack. Way too young.

Basically I have no part of my Mom’s world of art. Until today. Sort of.

Mom had invited four women who buy her pieces to dinner. And she had promised a bit of a treat. Three of these four ladies were married to, as my Mom would say, older gentleman…with money. I doubt if any of the three had seen any wood in quite a while. I didn’t know much about the fourth, unmarried, all of them late 50s, early 60s. All attractive in their own way. Mom had promised them they would be served by a very handsome male who had done modeling for my Mom. So she knew exactly what he looked like, including with a boner, not an unusual occurrence for a nude male model. Or so my Mother had told me once. Natural. To be ignored.

Well, this fellow was hired to do some modeling for the five ladies. But he called my Mom minutes ago and said he could not make it. My Mom was furious. She needed to please these ladies. She had promised a naughty night. Then she looked at me. Would I do her a favor? Five hundred dollars for my college fund. I thought about it, I needed the money, I’m not shy and I said yes.

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So I went to the bathroom and found a Speedo. Nothing to it. Mom said there would be five costume changes. I was a swimmer in high school so had worn a Speedo numerous times. I used to chuckle to myself when I caught some girl slyly checking me out. I loved it.

I entered as the women cheered. I got two nice pats on the butt and the single lady gave it a real squeeze. After five minutes or so I went back for Round Two.

Mom had scurried back to put out costume number two. It was a male thong, with a little Santa stuck on the front. The Christmas season was just ending. The thong in the back left nothing to the imagination. In the front, Santa protected me a bit but, since I was getting hard, it was difficult to fit into it. Should I masturbate? Probably not a good idea since I had the feeling the ladies were going to want a happy ending. So out I went.

And Santa was a hit. All four of the ladies touched my butt this time, and not with just gentle pats. The unmarried lady even stuck her finger up my backside. I am used to that, I had a girlfriend who loved my ass. There is nothing like long fingernails touching and probing a spot so full of nerve endings. This caused Santa to surge forward, as my growing hard on had no place else to go. Two of the four women cupped my front. That was getting serious. Time for a costume change.

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