Love after marriage 2

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This is viplav again. In the previous story you Love after marriage read how I got married to my childhood friend. How we watched my mom and dad having sex after we arrived home.

Let’s come to story now.

Janvi hugged me. She said I was scared. I said nothing will happen baby. We started kissing. I was kissing her lips. We were kissing like there is no tommorow. I removed her clothes. I told her let’s tease them. I started sucking her tits. I said you have very small breasts. She got angry. I said no worry. Whatever it is it belongs to me. I have the copyright on your body. She started laughing. I took my phone and clicked her nude photos. She gave me 2-3 good poses. I then kissed her again. We kissed again for 10 min. We again heard moan in moms room. I started tongue fucking her.

She started moaning. I was vigouresly licking her cunt. Her moan increased. I thought mom and dad must have heard it. She was going crazy. She cummed in my mouth. I drank all her cum. We kissed again for 5 min. I told her its time to return favour. She said go and shave your beard. It hurts. I went to bathroom and shaved my beard. I also shaved my armpits. I took a bath and came back nude. She was not in room. I went and she saw she was drinking water in kitchen nude. She smiled seeing me. I went and started kissing. We were so involved. We didn’t hear moms door open.

Mom came in the kitchen. She was shocked seeing us nude. I saw it but didn’t gave any response. She went to bathroom. She then went to her room. Janvi told me let’s go to room. We came to room. She started giving me blowjob. She blew me for 5 minutes. I then told her to get laid on bed. I inserted my penis slowly in her cunt. She screamed as it was her first time. She screamed loudly. But I didn’t care. Because I wanted my mom and dad to hear. To taste their own karma. Blood started coming from her cunt. She was dripping blood. I waited for some time and inserted my full 7 inch dick inside her. she screamed. After 5 min I started fucking her. I started slowly, and then increased my speed. I further increased my speed. I was fucking her with full force. When I was about to cum. I stopped. I told her to come in flatiron position. I started fucking her in that position. I fucked her for 5 min. She screamed a lot. Aaj ooh yes baby deeper. When I was about to cum. I stopped and then I told her to come in faceoff position.

I fucked her in that position for 5 min. When I was about to cum. I again stopped. 1 hour have passed now. She told me you are not done yet. I said I can fuck you whole night. I then told her to come doggy style. I then cumm inside her after 10 min. We rested for 10 min. She said I am hungry. She said wait I am going to prepare some dinner. We went to kitchen. I prepared banana juice and she prepared sandwich. Mom said what are you doing.

I said she is hungry. Janvi asked mom you want to eat something. You must have got tired from ride you have done. mom was shocked. Janvi said we all are tired tonight. It was a long travel today. now mom understood. Mom said I don’t want something. You guys eat. I said ok mom. We ate our food. She washed the dish. We went to room. We started our round two. We started kissing again. We then kissed for sometime. I then told her to blow me. She blew me again for 2 min. I then told her I want to fuck your ass. She said no sweety. It will hurt. I said it will but will become easy. She said no baby. I said please. She said ok. She came doggy style. I lubricated my penis with oil. I the lubricated her ass. I kissed her ass. I then inserted my one finger in her ass. I then inserted two and she screamed. It was giving her immense pain. I took it out. I then inserted again. I then keep stroking my finger. I then placed my dick. It is 7 inches in size. I placed it in her ass. I tried to insert but it slipped. I again placed it and pushed it. She screamed maa. Get it out. It is hurting. I stayed for 5 min. 2 inches was inside her. I again gave a push. Now 5 inches was inside her.

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