Love after marriage

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I am viplav. I live in Delhi. I work for an it firm. My parents live in jaipur. I am the only child. It was one of my dad’s friends daughter marriage at jaiselmer. They told me to come with them. As it was 3 day weekend. I took one extra day leave. And went for jaisalmer after office. I reached there.

Next day was wedding. We were best of friends during 2nd std. I met her once during 10th std. Though see messaged me many times. But I never replied back. I told dad no need to come. Just send me address. Meanwhile I reached there. Dads friend thanked me for coming. He said your parents are out with janvi uncles daughter. I said no issues. He said janvi is dying to meet you. I kept my bag in room. Then I went outside. I did lunch with them.

They asked me about job. I said it’s good. Everything going well. He asked me about marriage plans. I said no plans for another 5 years. I have many things in line. One of the uncle asked like. I said you will get to know. I then told him I am going to meet one of my friend. He works here. He said ok. I went to his place. We chatted a bit. He insisted me to stay at his place for tonight. I said only on one condition we will have night out. He said ok. We took his car. We roamed in city in night.We went to a bar. We had drinks. We danced.

When we came outside we were not in our senses. We were doing mad things. He asked me let me drive. I said know I have confidence I can drive. I dont have trust on anyone when I am drunk. We went to soda shop. We had sodas. I took one water bottle. And split water on my eyes. I came in somewhat senses. I started driving. In the way. I hit one car. It was swift dzire. As far as I remember. A girl came down from car. She started scolding us. I was listening. I was not able to figure out her face. T wa blurred. I also started saying mean things to her. I called her witch. I abused her took bike and went for home.i ran bike with full speed. We reached his home. We went to sleep somehow. I then woke up next day. I asked him what happened last night. He said I dont remember. I said I think I hit a car may be swift. A girl was abusing me. I dont know whether I was in dream.

Then he said ok. I told him don’t take your bike outside. I got call from dad. He said where are you. I said I am at friends house. will come till 1:00 he said no come now. I said but. I quickly took bath. I told him I will come before leaving jaiselmer. He said promise me. I said I promise. I said why dont you come. He said no he had to leave for Jaipur. He has some work. I left then. Dad asked to me receive some relatives from station. He sent me their photo. I received them. They were quite generous. We reached there. Mom told me to to go to market with cooking staff. And get all the things. I said I was hoping for a descent vacation. I dont want to be staff. Mom said shut up and go. I dive back to market. It took 3 hours to get all things. I reached at 4:00 to the place. I did lunch

Then I went to market again for some work. I then reached at night 9:00 pm. Uncle told me look after wedding Hall at hotels. And see guests resting place. I then went . Management was really great. The man in charge said not to worry. Everything is going fine. I told him I am tired. Is there any place I can sleep. He said there is a guest room. I said thanks. He woke me up after 1 hour. He said there is some problem of chairs. I called uncle and it got arranged. One of uncles relatives came with chair. He said let’s go everything is well and good. I told him no worries I will stay here at night. If these guys face any problem. He said ok. My mom called then. He said have you done dinner. I said I will do in sometime. She said janvi wants to talk to you. Janvi started abusing me you dog you are always so busy. You never got a chance to meet me once in whole day. You never reply to my messages. Who are you prime minister of India or cm of some state. Why you are so busy. She said I dont know anything you are coming now.

I started laughing. I heard all ladies were laughing. Dad told me janvi is somewhat of childish nature. I said do you have any filter in your mouth. You haven’t changed 1% since childhood. Still a kid from pre nursery. She said I don’t know anything you are meeting me know. I said it’s already 11:00.i will meet you tommorow. She said no I know you will get busy tommorow. I said you wait i am coming. My mom scolded her. Crazy girl it’s 11:00 . You are not going anywhere. And tommorow is your wedding day. Mom hung up the phone. I did my dinner with staffs. I then went to road to have a walk. I was walking when suddenly someone came and hugged me from back. It was a girl of 5 feet 7 inch ht. Figure of 32-26-34.she was milky white. She had brown hair. She was wearing salwar suit. When I turned she was shocked seeing me. She started abusing me. You rascal. I am calling my friend. He is my childhood friend. I said what did I do to you. She said you don’t remember. Don’t do drama.

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