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My elder sister Tony is going to her hubby’s home tomorrow as we both have got a last chance to enjoy some nice time. It’s a hot evening as I left home for evening walk and have bought a chilled beer in market,moved to a deserted park and drink it. I came back home at 07:45 pm as I can see my mom with Tony in dinning hall and I moved to my room and after refreshment ,I changed my dress as I came back to dinning hall and mom walked towards looking at Tony in her tops and skirt ,I am eyeing her lovely thighs ,she is looking sad and asked……….”Mohit I will ask mom for your marriage as you are now waiting for it
(Mohit) no not at all.”and mom came there with a cup of coffee as I took it and moved towards sitting there alone ,I am drinking coffee as the weather is cloudy moon light have been covered by dark clouds and after a while ,Tony came there as I can see him sitting on she moved her chair near me as I put my cup on ground and she put her hand on my thigh. I can feel her soft touch on my thigh as she is inciting me for sex and now I can feel her hand going inside my Bermuda from its she have hold my penis tightly as my hand moves on her boobs to press hard and she screamed…….

“oh don’t massage it hard.”


And I am pressing her soft breasts hard as she put her lips on my face and started kissing it but her hand have took out my cock from my bermuda’s corner as she is masturbating it slowely and her lips are on my lips and my hand is pressing her boobs hard.after a while ,Tony took my lips in her mouth as she is sucking it while masturbating my cock and my other hand is on her thigh as I am lifting her skirt upto waist.she pushed her tongue in my mouth as we are in closest position on chairs and my hand is moving on her panty as sucking her tongue have made me hot.later on Tony took out her tongue but my fingers are rubbing her labias on panty as she is masturbating my penis slowely…….

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Mohit ,here we can’t enjoy freely
(Mohit) yes but where we can move
(Tony)in my washroom
(Mohit)I think after dinner we can enjoy in our bedroom.”

And we both put our dress properly as tony walked to her bedroom ,I am still sitting there.after some time ,I came to my room as my mind is thinking I took my mobile and opened a porn video as I have to wait for some time for dinner and than a nice sex with semi erected penis is now straight as I am watching porn actress Gina Lynn with her boyfriend near sea beach as they are enjoying oral sex.after some time ,mom shouted…….

Mohit come on dinner is ready.”

And I frisked inside washroom and after refreshment walked to dinning we family members are having dinner together and than we all walked to our bedroom as I am on bed for a rest before making love with my elder sister tony.she is a 28 years lady with nice figure of 34-28-36 and have height of 5’6 feet. Her white complexion as well as round dome shaped ass makes her hot as her lovely tits are well shaped and looks like watermelons on her chest. It’s 11:20 pm as my opened door have been closed and my hot sister tony is in my room.she is looking nice in her sleeveless gawn and I wake up on bed as she stands near me on my hand is on her waist as I hold it and make her sit on bed.
Tony is sitting close to me as my hand is on her lashed of gawn and removed it to take it out of her hot body.she is looking like a hot blonde in her G string only as her boobs are nude and now she sits on my lap as her legs are wrapped on my waist. Her heavy bum is giving me a nice touch of her soft part as I hold her back and started kissing her lips ,Tony is pressing her boobs hard on my chest and I hold her lips in my mouth as I am sucking it with my hand on her nude back.she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it and my hand is rubbing her back,her eyes are closed as we are breathing fastly and Tony is rubbing her palm on my back and after 2-3 minutes ,I left her tongue as I pushed her on she is lying as I leaned my face on her boobs and took it in my mouth to suck. I am sucking her breast hardly while pressing her other ones ,she is screaming……..

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“oohh aahh Mohit suck my breast hard aahh.”

As I took other one to suck and my penis is fully erected inside I am kissing her tummy to waist as she is rubbing her thighs and going down towards hot zone ,I am kissing her thighs as I unhooked her G string and now she stretched her legs wide.looking at Tony ,I put a pillow under her ass and now my lips are on her vagina as it’s labias are well distracted.shr have hold my hairs tightly and I put finger on her labias to widened the hole ,now my tongue is licking her vagina fast as my hand have hold her waist tightly and she is……..

“oohh aahh Mohit fuck me soon with your penis aahhh.” And I took her both labias in my mouth to suck and sucked it till tony pushed my face back.

She is lying on bed as I knelt down and while holding my penis ,I pushed it in her hot cunt.slowely my 2/3 Rd penis is in her vagina as she is indulged in sex for last 5 years ,her vagina have enough elasticity to coup with my penis length and I am giving her hard fuck as my hand is on her boobs to massage and she is shouting………….

“oohh uumm Mohit I will cum soon.”

And I am pounding her with speed as well as I can feel her cunt juicy as I took my penis out from her cunt and now my tongue is licking her cunt . I am tasting her juice as she walked to washroom ,after a while she came back and took position on bed like a I am near her sexy ass ,I pushed my dick in her wet pussy and started fucking her while my hand is on her Tony is swinging her ass fast as my penis is roaring in her deep cave and she is screaming in pleasure…….

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“oohh aahh fuck hard Mohit I am in heaven.”

And my penis is enjoying her smooth path of cunt as it’s hot also ,after 10 minutes of fuck I screamed……..”aahh uumm Tony I will cum soon..” and my penis poured cum in her cunt as she sucked it to taste it’s cum.

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