Mother convinces daughter to help out with her father

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She had thought before about having for money, and though she would never have told her , her peer group were getting more and more involved with services. A friend had started during a lean first year of university, after a few months she had new clothes and a new car, along with suggestions that her join her for exotic vacations. Soon, every pretty friend of hers was making hundreds in just a few hours a week.

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Kelly, who still lived at home, had not been interested but found herself more and more jealous of her friends' success. She still lived a pretty privileged lifestyle but she was falling behind them – she still had clothes from high school and a two year old phone. She wanted more.

But the escort lifestyle didn't appeal to her. She was never the type to tell people what they wanted to hear, and she knew that she could never convince a man that she wasn't into that she wanted to him. She couldn't dream of being intimate with someone she wasn't interested in, no matter what the price. But here, out of the blue was a chance to make that money, working from home, so to speak.

She needed to talk this over with someone. With her still metabolizing the wine, she laid down on her bed, and pulled out her phone to call her friend Kitty.

Kitty was a slim woman of Chinese descent that she knew from highschool who had gone into the fine arts. Training to be a dancer, she had started working as an escort only a of months ago, and had since been the most eager of Kelly's friends to recruit her into the work.

Kitty picked up immediately, “Heeyy,” she said cheerfully. “Kelly baby, how are you?”

“Hey Kitty, how are you? Listen, I have something really important to talk about.” She pressed her fingers to her eyes and thought about what she was going to tell her friend. Could she explain the whole story? It probably wouldn't be wise.

“Sure, uh, no, mmm problem.” Kitty breathed hard into the phone.

Kelly heard the strain in her friend's voice. Was this a bad time? “Sorry, I should ask, what are you up to right now? Am I interrupting anything important?”

There was a long pause and she heard rustling sounds. Kitty breathed deeply then said “No, it's fine. Ahh-I can talk now.”

Kelly sat up in bed, her eyes suddenly alert. ‘Uhh are you okay, why are you talking like that,” she thought she heard a thumping sound on the other side of the call

“Talking… like.. What?” her friend said, with pauses after each word.

Kelly listened and the thumping continued, and she finally understood what was going on. “Oh my god, Kitty, are you taking a call while you're having sex?” through the phone she could hear the tell-tale slapping sounds of hips thrusting into hips.

“Oh don't… be such… a prude. Howard… wanted me… ugh.. to take… the-uh call.” She breathed heavily into the phone. “He thought it was my… uh-boyfriend.”

She heard a male voice groan in over the phone as she started to hear her friend panting and whining. Kelly hung up quickly and threw her cell across the room. She stood up, planning on leaving her room to leave the house. As soon as she got to the door she realized that she'd never be able to go out like this. She went back to the bed, wiggled out of her pants and angrily put her finger to her moist clit.

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