A night with my aunt

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Hi sex story lovers, if you are searching for a story of sexy Indian aunt then you are at the right place. I am Sunil a 20 year old guy. This is a real incident happened few years ago in our village.

I was staying with my dad and mom in a village. My dad is suffering from some kind of illness and mom spent most of her time in caring him. I felt alone but due to my busy academic schedule it was managed.

My dad needs milk for taking his medicine and mom walks a kilometer for it daily. Up to that day I have a strong doubt in mind that although we have two cattles giving enough milk why mom is taking the risk to bring it from other house? But on that day I was asked to bring milk from one of my mom’s close friend’s house.

It was non other than Pramila aunty who have more cattles in the cow-yard than ours. She was lot more younger to my mom, I think her age may be in the 30s. She came to our village nearly a decade ago by marrying one of my dad’s friend and from that day she was like our own family member. She recently gave birth to a baby girl after struggling for it from years.

When I reached there that morning Pramila is busy in wiping the floor. Her clothes were completely disturbed and her cleavage welcomed me before her. My heart beats and cock erects up, I somehow controlled myself and greeted her. She was surprised to see me, and welcomed me with a great happiness. As I said before she is like one of our family member, she doesn’t care for her misplaced saree even after greeting me.

She asked me about my family, dad, mom and my studies. I was always happy to talk with her because of her kind nature and unexplainable love towards me. I just handed over the milk container and waited outside. It was a long wait, she didn’t arrived. I was curious that what she is doing inside keeping my container with her.

I walked towards their kitchen and surprisingly she was not there. I heard some noise from her room and my legs moved towards it. I was shocked, surprised and also felt nervous to see her. She had my container along her side and doing something with her boobs. When I go near, I found she is squeezing her boob with one hand holding a cup with the other. My legs shivered by the look. Although I am not seeing her breasts my cock stood up for her actions. She was turned the other side and didn’t notice me early.

When my breath sound beats her ears, she said” Sorry dear, if you are getting late.. but what can I do.. I am not getting enough to fill your bottle.. I think she ate more than usual last night… ”

Yes!! She was talking about her breastmilk, the thing that my dad take with his medicine, The thing which I drink when it is excess than required, the thing which is sweeter than our cattle milk, the thing which gives me more power. I was stunned to know it and felt pleasurable to have it often.

“It’s okay aunty.. I will wait.. ” I like to wait as the scenery itself is giving me pleasure.

“No son.. there is no meaning in simple wait.. could you please help me out.. ” she asked what my mind is in need.

” Sure aunty… what can I do? ” I walked and stood in front of her. She rolled her saree pallu, her cleavage is still welcoming. Hooks of her blouse fully opened, and her left breast stood firm in the open air. Her red nipple was fully erect and feeling wet due to her milk and sweat of tiredness. I have no words to explain what happened to me at that time. I stood still untill she called my name.

“Suni.. my son… come here hold this cup under me.. ” she gave me the cup she held in hand. It only had some ounce of milk in it. I took it and placed under her nipple. She use her both hands now and started squeezing from the bottom of her breast, but the result was same. Apart from her greatest efforts she was only able to get out few drops.

” I was feeling tired, my hands lost their strength to squeeze.. could you please do it for me… I will hold the cup for you… ” she invited me to touch her soft and smooth milk melons.

I slowly moved my shakey hands on to her. I cupped her soft breast in hand, her nipples are hard enough to pierce my palm. When she hold the cup under her nipple I tried a lot to take her milk out. I also squeezed them from the base and result remains the same.

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