Satisfied Widowed Aunt

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Hi readers im sai, let me tell you how i satisfied my widowed aunt. My aunt name is geeta(name changed) she is in 40’s stands 5.6 feet medium built, with fair complexion she has proper curves on her body, her beauti has no match with her age, her daughter and me were friends.

I used to visit her home often i used to steal her attention often, she lost her husband many years ago she was lonley all the time hence she used to visit my home often. I had my eyes on her since i attained my puberty. I used to fap fantasizing her often, i could wish to fuck her the whole day. My mom helped her with finding a job, she worked till evening and come to my home daily. I used to drop her home, i could feel her big juggs bouncing on my back, which made me horny even more. Day by day my feelings on her become grow more. I decided to satisfy, her and i made it happen after lot of struggle.

Once my mom said to go to geeta house to give her something in bag, i saw what it was…. full of inner wears. I was astonished and went to her home, she was surprised to see me and greeted me well, and she offered me tea. I handed over the bag and said that my mom gave it to you. She opened and saw the bag, she was shy and did not answer me.

I tried to utilize the situation in favour of me
Me: Aunt my mom said you to wear all these things and let me know about the size
Geeta: Oh son its…nice but how can i wear now?
Me: I will wait aunty, you go and wear the thing and tell me which one you want
after a small hesitation she agreed to my point and went in the room to wear the inner wear. I could not resist myself, hence i walked towrds the room. I peeped through the opening of the door, since she had not locked the door. For the first time I saw her back figure, mother fuck her back was stunning, she had a proper shape and a round ass i could see it all day. She then turned around to see in the mirror, fuck her front view is more sexier than the back one, her bra contained her boobs properly. By this time my boner was hard enough, i controlled myself, she turned towards the door i immediately hid behind, again i saw her trying to put her bra turning around and hooking the pin, her hand could not reach her back. I then took the courage to walk inside the room behind her and put her bra hook properly. She turned towards me and saw as if a stranger entered her room
She: sai what are you doing here
Me: sorry aunt i helped you to put on your bra, you were struggling
She: so you come in as you wish? you were supposed to knock my son
Me: Iam sorry aunt
She: Its ok i know its common for the boys of your age
Me: (i smiled wickedly) did it fit you perfectly aunty?
She: ya but its bit tight son
Me: why dont you try another let me help you
She: no son its fine i will do it myself. Do you mind if you please go out and wait
Me: you told me iam like your son, whats wrong in that aunty
She saw my boner raising and making a wet on my pants and smiled at me.
She: I think you can stay here and watch me, changing the clothes and pushed me on the cot

I was stunned did she speak like that maybe she is ready for next. She unhooked her bra and slowly removed her bra. Her boobs were in shape like a pineapple, black nipples surrounded by brown areola. It looked beautiful, without wasting time she put her hands around her waist band and removed panty down and stood naked in front of me. There was the real thing of the female, her vagina was covered with pubic hairs, still very nice. I did’nt know how to react

She: I once stood naked in front of my hubby at my 1st night and now iam standing in front of young man, Do you like it son?
Me: Hell yess who wont like it aunty you look like a real woman
She: Iam glad you like it son, my hubby did not pay attention towards me
Me: oh aunt you are beyond my imagination i could enjoy by seeing it all day
She noticed my long hard boner and insisted me to remove. But i was very shy to get naked in front of her
She: Oh poor dear, you look like you are struggling for a long time, let me help you

I tried to sit back but She pushed me on the bed untied my track knot and slowly pulled the track down. Now i was in my boxers, Her eyes widened at my boxers and replied “oh my ….You seem to be bigger than my hubby son, Its about to tear your boxers in no time”. she asked me “can i touch it baby”. I nodded my head, she made her move my touching my cock, “oh its so nice sai, Iam touching it after a long time”. I was in a state of absolute exictement “aaaahhh….aaahhhhh” i moaned. She bit slightly on my cock over my boxer. “mmmmm” agained i moaned now she pulled my boxer down in one swift of action and my monster was twiching up and down. Her eyes glued on my cock, it was 7.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in girth.

She: Holy god, is it for real oh my……sai you have a real cock inside your pants, it so big
Me: do you like it aunt?
She: oh really, its far bigger than my hubby and its so …thick .You have grown up so soon dear
She was admiring at my long cock, it had no foreskin and lots of pubic hair. I could see her hesitating to suck my cock cause it was covered with pubic hair. I stood up and said her “i will trim your pubic hair aunty” she was shy but agreed to me. I took her in my arms and went to bathroom, and trimmed her pubic area, and her armpits. She bend down and trimmed my pubic hair, and said “wow son it looks even more big than before”. I did’nt waste time and kissed her. She was shy at first and later responded to my kiss, we kissed and let our tongues explore each other mouth, i carried her to the room and place her gently on the bed. I spread her legs and started my foreplay, i sucked her opening of her vagina “mmmmm..yaaaa…” she moaned. I understood that she has not had sex with her husband. I licked her pussy so that she continued her moans for a long time, “oh my love please dont stop i feel very satisfied nowplease go on i beg you aaaahh…ooohh…mmmmm” she said, i let my long tongue explore her vaginal part, she held to my head and pushed me, i was embrassed, each time i licked she was aroused more and more. i continued the foreplay and pressing her boobs hard, after 10 minutes “iam cumming dear” she said and cummed on the floor, it was mixed with her juices and blood. Its my turn “Let me help you” she said and holded on to base of my shaft, i thought i was hit by a electric wire. Such a experience it was, she kissed on my forehead and licked the dickhead, slowly she took my dick inside her small mouth and began to suck. She gagged a bit and said “my love your cock is so thick, let me help myself” and now she sucked my cock with great effort. I was enjoying, her blowjob my cock was getting harder and more harder when ever she held it.

Now we both reached and uncontrollable stage where we want to get inside. I put her in missionary.

She: do you know how to ?
Me: I know, i will try to satisfy you?
She: please be gentle, Its my first time
Me: what? i thought your hubby has fucked you
She: Your cock is way bigger than my hubby,he had a smaller one, which even give me any kind of pleasure and satisfaction. iam sure that yours will do wonders but will give pain as well.
Me: dont worry aunty, i will be gentle on you.

I pointed my dick on her pussy lips and rubbed it gently and slowly pushed my cock head inside her wet vagina and stopped”aaaaahhhhhh…….fuck…its so big i cant take it” she moaned with pain. I asked her “should i take it out” she replied “no wait i will adjust myself, my vagina has not been used for a long time and yours is so big” after few seconds she told to proceed. I gave my shaft another push, and slowly every inch was going in finally i gave a hard push, where entire seven inches went inside, she closed her eyes. Her insides were so soft, her pussy walls were sqeezing against my cock. I was in seventh heaven I hardly withdrew an inch “ooohhhh….aaahhhhh…mmmmm that’s so nice my love, you deserve a kiss come near” she said with pleasure and kissed me I too kissed her. She encircled her legs around my back, I now fucked her with more force she was singing her moans very beautifully, it made me even more hornier,I increased my pace. I could feel some sort of satisfaction in her eyes, she began to enjoy the sex. I fucked her in that posture for 15 minutes. I lifted her in my arm and guided my cock towards her glory hole, she pushed my cock inside her hole and penetrated herself, we kept kissing often I took the lead and penetrated her in medium speed, the room was filled with our moanings. She said “oh son your cock is cool its streching my insides, I have never felt such pleasure before” I was happy that she is enjoying my company. I put her on bed and changed to cowgirl posture and began my drill more faster and deeper it hit her g spot, “oohhh dear, your little brother has hit my spot you are driving me crazy” later she started to humping me my cock and her vagina was creating a rhythm in the room. “Iam cumming dear” she moaned, I have her deep strokes within minutes she cummed a huge load of colour less juices and fell on the bed taking deep breath, my cock was filled with her juices I took my cock to her mouth and she did deep throat, “aaahhh…aunty you are marvelous” .

I put her in doggy style and put my hard rod inside her ass hole ”oh my god its paining da” she screamed, I kept my ears deaf and drilled her ass. At first it was tight but I pushed my dick more hard and finally it was easy to penetrate easily in her small cute hole. I saw her crying in pain and pleasure, I lowered my pace, I withdrew my cock out of her hole. She was panting heavily, I slept behind her and stroked my long rod inside her soft hole, I fucked her for 15 minutes and I was about to cum. I withdrew my shaft and pointed it on her face “I will help to cum out dear” she said holding on to my dick, within seconds I drained all my seeds on her beautiful face, she drank my semen. “aaaahhh….mmmmm…you have so much sperms dear its so much thick, it tastes delicious” she complimented me. I fell on the bed breathing heavily, I asked her “tanks for introducing to new world aunty, I saw your new face today”. She was happy and replied “ thank you son this was the best fuck in my lifetime iam not gonna forget it, you gave me heights of fantasy” and kissed me. We both moved to bathroom and had shower, and I went home.

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