My first time (Gay)

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It was summer vacation 1975,  typically normal neighborhood, lots of friends, kick ball, baseball games, riding bikes till dawn, making tree forts n exploring, but all that changed in that summer, that was the summer that john moved in next door to us, tall n tanned about 30’s n the coolest car ever, a 69 gto!!

I was drawn to the car the first day he moved in, n didnt waste any time talking to him when the moving van left his house. He was sitting on his side steps drinking a beer n i went over n introduced myself n welcomed him to the neighborhood n how cool i thought his car was!
He thanked me n asked if i wanted a beer! I freaked out a second, but said no i cant, my sisters may see me as i live right next door n all. He asked if i ever had a beer before n i told him yes, when my dad was around n he would give me a sip here n there, but now hes gone n its only my mom n my 3 sisters n me. He said it was ok n maybe some other time.

I asked if i could go look at his car n he said yes. He walked behide me to the other side of his house n his driveway n there it was!! He opened it up n started it, then he slid over to the passager side n said “get in”! I did n he showed me all the controls n knobs while his hand was on my leg n squeezing very gently, he tells me to rev it up, n when i did i jumped as it screamed power, he kept telling me to rev it n moving his hand up my leg till he was just about at my crouch, i stopped revving n got out! He jumped back over n turned the car off, got out n said he was sorry if he scared me, i said he didnt, but he did n my mind was racing, my heart beating fast asf, he said come sit over here n have a beer with me, your mom cant see over here, i dont know anybody here n could use the company! I said ok.

He came out of the house with 2 ice cold beers n we sat on the side of his car talking about the car n him asking me alot about my life, what i like, what i want n we drank our beers, when i had finished, he quickly asked about if i wanted another? I was buzzed n happy n said yes if its ok, he asked if my mom was home, i said no, shes working, he said come inside n we can listen to music while we drink our beers, i followed him into his kitchen n sat down. He got the beers n told me to go into the living room, i did n he guided me to his couch as the room was full of boxes n things, i sat down n he looked for his radio. He put on some rock n sat down beside me, soon we were talking n laughing n he kissed me, full tounge in my mouth, one hand wrapped around my neck n one feeling my ass,i couldn’t back away n as i tried he had me wrapped up good n i ended up between his legs, could feel his dick throbbing n pulsing on my body.he kissed me for what seemed a lifetime, but he let me go n i stood up n left, ran home n up to my room, didnt understand what had happened. Didnt see john for a few days after that, was embarrassed n nervous but that sunday, there he was, smiling n waved at me, so i went over there. He again said he was sorry n that he was going to wash the car if i wanted to help him, i said YES before i knew what i was saying n climbed over the fence.

We washed the car n sprayed each other n when we were done, we were both soaked.

He said come in n get a towel n maybe have a beer.

I said no, better go home, but he had the towel already n i took it, drying my face off n a beer staring at me when i came up. I took the beer n drank it quick n was planning to leave before something happened, but he must have felt that n came right up to me,placed my hand on his dick though his jeans, n had my dick in his hand,telling me how good he was gonna make me feel, n taking into the living room, i was like a crazy dance with spins n clothes coming off till i was on my knees n face to face with his dick, he had the back of my head with both hands now n telling me what to do, open your mouth, lick the tip, take it in your mouth, SUCK IT!

I sucked him, he sucked me, we watched porn in his room, he was showing me how to do the things he wanted, i was so scared n nervous, but at the same time, i like sucking him, his smell, his taste, how free he was n how good his mouth felt on my dick, well he made me suck him till he came, n he came on my face, i was so turned on n he pushed the globs on my face into my mouth n told me to taste him n swallow him, i did as i was told.

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