Blackmailed # 3

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“;Damn girl you gonna get in or keep showing off your sexy little body your pink panties bra seeing tru your short dress get in Damn so pretty so young a perfect sweet innocent girl pretty boy”

I opened the door giggling “ You think I’m a pretty little girl sexy “;I whispered as I bend over sucking moaning loudly on this stranger’s cock in public door still open my sweet ass showing if anyone walked drove by.

“ Fucking little slut you don’t care if people see you it’s like you want to be caught your daddy told me how willingly submissively you are he told me you were in love with his cock damn girl I mean boy you suck soo good your mouth is like a girls pussy so soft so wet tight”

I was bobbing my head my ass up and down in time I loved being cheap slutty moaning loudly I pulled away as he started to cum splashing on my face I went back down filling my belly with his sweet cum.

Licking the cum off my face “ Don’t tell on me please can’t let daddy know what I just did “ I teased him as i went down licking him clean

“ It’s ok he told me your suck me now we got to go he’s waiting “

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