A Night in Frankfurt

A Night in Frankfurt

Many years ago, fifty-five to be exact. I was a young GI stationed outside of Frankfurt, Germany. It was a common practice to go into the city with a bunch of friends for a night of drinking and strip shows. Traipsing up and down Kaiserstrasse was always a hoot.

One night, after being in country about five weeks I asked for and got an overnight pass. I figured I was a big boy and could handle a night on my own. After finding a reasonably priced bed for the night, I hit the bars. I was enjoying myself and the night was slipping away.

Well, about the time I thought I should be thinking about calling it quits, I of course had to hit one more dive. It was a couple of streets off the main drag, quiet, no atmosphere and no other patrons. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender, whose name was Karl, spoke much better English than I did German so we started shooting the breeze.

I was ordering a second beer when a very attractive MILF came in and sat at one of the booths on the back wall. Karl went over and took her order. About time for some information about the Frau. She was a bit too heavily made up but still a nice looking woman. Shoulder length red hair and a very impressive set of tits. When he came back to the bar, I asked what she was having. He said she was also having a beer. Great news for my budget. I told him I’d pay for it. He took her drink to the booth and told her I had paid for it. She thanked me with a wave of her glass.

Not one to pass up an opportunity, I asked Karl if he knew her.

“Oh yes” he said. “She was a frequent visitor”.

”Do you think she’d like some company”, I asked.

Karl smiled and said, “I’m sure she would”. He even volunteered to make the introductions. We walked over to the booth and he introduced her as Ushie. She quickly let me know that it was a nickname for Ursula. She invited me to sit with her. It was a u-shaped booth and we both slid around to the back.

Well guys she smelled like heaven.I did notice a rather hairy pair of arms and legs. I gave it no thought because many European women didn’t shave back then. After a few more beers we began to get a little chummy. She did indeed have a wonderful set of tits and wasn’t a bit shy about letting me slobber all over them. Her hands weren’t idle either. She soon had my hard cock out and was playing it like a flute. I looked up to the bar and Karl was smiling, and gave me the ok sign.

About this time I proceeded to explore that area at the top of those shapely legs. My first discovery was that she was wearing stockings and a garter belt. This was almost too good to be true. As I raised her dress up to her ass, I made my second discovery, she had a very large cock of her own. Much bigger than mine by the way. I pulled my hand back as if I just got burned.

”No, no it’s alright”, she said into my ear as she was squeezing my still hard dick and pulling my hand back to her equipment.

”No, no it isn’t “, I yelled at her. A quick look towards the bar found Karl now laughing his ass off.

“Please baby, I will make it good for you”, and she was making it good for me. She then pulled my head down on those magnificent tits again. Heaven! It was so close to heaven that I had forgotten that I was still holding Ushie’s cock. Ok, I should have let go but come on, give me a break. I had never had another cock in my hand, except on a sleepover in grade school. The damn thing kept getting bigger!

Ushie smiled up at me and went back to sucking my cock like a Hoover. Before I knew it I was blowing a huge load in her beautiful mouth. Yes, I said “beautiful mouth”. She sat up and wiped the dripping cum from her mouth and before I knew it pushed her fingers in my mouth. Licking was automatic. Too much going on at once to understand where this was all going. Totally spent from my humongous cum I relaxed a little. All this time I’m still pulling on Ushie’s cock.

“See, I told you I’d make it good for you. It was good, wasn’t it?” I could only nod my head in agreement. She pulled my head down to her heaving tits. Oh man, heaven again.

After that little stay among the clouds, all of the beers were having an effect on me. Ushie had scooted away from me a bit. The next thing I knew she was slowly but firmly pushing my head towards her cock which I was, by the way, still stroking. My hand was sliding easily up and down due to a copious amount of pre-cum I had been spreading. I suddenly realized that the tip of the monster was pushing against my lips.

Don’t ask me why but, my lips slowly opened and before I knew it, the head was sliding in. The next realization was Ushie sliding more of her cock in with evert stroke. I could hear moaning but it wasn’t only Ushie I heard. I was moaning in pleasure too. She was gently pressing on the back of my head and it felt good.

All of a sudden I could feel her breath quickening and the wonderful cock swelling in my mouth. Before I knew it stream after of rich, delicious cum was filling my mouth faster than I could swallow. Cum was now running down my chin and dripping on her thighs. I relaxed as her cock laid across my face leaking more cum with every spasm.

She was tenderly stroking my face and asking if I liked what had happened. As I sat up I literally couldn’t answer her because my mouth was dslowly sliding over Karl’s cock.

Ushie whispered in my ear, “see mein schatze, how easy it is to bring out a cocksucker”.

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