Encounters, a series of true stories

We didn’t bring up that moment for awhile & things went back to normal. Running around every night, looking for mischief.

Daniel got his driver’s license and wanted to go causing about 2 months after our “encounter”.

We went to McDonald’s, laughing & telling jokes. Daniel said, “hey I have to swing by my house to grab my smokes. Parents are out, it won’t take long”

We got to his house and he shut off the car & ran inside of his house to retrieve his Marlboro lights. He stepped out of the house and said “Come here, check out my dad’s new telescope”

I followed him into the house & into the garage. Huge telescope! I started looking through the lense. The telescope was aimed at the garage door window.

“Man! This is awesome!” I said
“Yeah yeah fuckface! Hurry up & let’s go” Daniel snapped back.
“Kiss my ass!” I shot back.
“Suck my dick!!” He yelled and we started laughing. I was still looking through the telescope when things went silent.
“Will you?” I heard him whisper & I ignored it.
“Will you Chris?”
“Will I what!?” I asked.
“Will you suck my dick?”

I froze. My entire body was pulsating.
“Chris? Will you suck my dick?” He asked again.
“Yes” I whispered.

“Come here” I walked over to him and he said, “get on your knees”
I did as I was told. Daniel pulled his cock out and it was already rock solid and standing straight up.

“Suck it Chris. Suck my cock” I immediately took him into my mouth and he gasped with pleasure. My mouth was full of his meat when he grabbed my ears and started fucking my mouth. I moaned as he took control of my head and was aggressively pounding my mouth. And then he started talking. Things that had never been said to me, “oh yes baby! Mmmmm! Your mouth feels like a pussy! Do you want me to cum?”

I nodded yes as he was giving my mouth a fuck fest. “Are you ready? Hold out your hand!!”

I held out my hand and like a master marksman, he shot his cum directly into the palm of my hand.

He stood there breathing heavily. Still slow stroking his cock. “Kiss the head” I did as told. I started romantically kiss that huge cock head. Flicking it with my tongue.
I then stood up and grabbed a roll of paper towels on the shelf behind me.
“What are doing?” He asked. “I’m cleaning up”
“Stop” he commanded, “I won’t you to rub my cum all over your dick and leave it there”
I froze again. In shock. I’d never been treated this way & it was turning me on.
“Do it”

And I did as I was told. I put his cum all over my dick.

“LETS GO!” He said as he ran out the garage door.
I followed behind him, feeling the cum squish around my dick. I felt my heart thumping. I was so horny & hard.

By the time I shut the car door, he fired up his car and said
“Now let’s see what kind of trouble we can find!” As we took off down the road and into the night…

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