My first Sex Shop adventure

So life after Craigslist has been a challenge to meet up with men for sex. It’s been more than two years since I’ve got laid.

Just before CL closed out the men 4 men hookup, I was in contact with a guy looking for oral on a regular basis. I was excited – exactly what I wanted, and hoped he was also up to make me submit anal. We chatted on the phone, he told me his age, I knew he was a bout 20 years older – which older can be nice, in my opinion. When we finally met, I drove to him, and he was much older than he led me to believe, 30 plus years I’d say.


The first meet he wanted to talk. We did, but he talked so long he killed the mood, I went home. We met up again a month later, and he had been talking up during that time by phone how much he loved oral sex, and I let him know I needed him to be hands-on, aggressive, needed him to force my head up and down, deep throat me, face fuck me, and told him when he was ready to cum, not to say a word, to force his cock all the way down my throat and pump his load into the back of my throat and not pull out until he was absolutely certain I swallowed. He said he was down for all of that and he hoped I could keep up because he could take 40 minutes or more to cum.

Well, the next time we met, we undressed and I was ready to suck him off so hard, I was worried he may not have been able to last, and to my complete disappointment, he was unable to get hard, like not even a little. I tried, and tried – with my hand, but felt absolutely NO reaction. I wasn’t going to put him in my mouth soft, because my very first adult experience was with an older guy, who was only able to get semi-flaccid, and unexpectedly came in my mouth – which wasn’t supposed to happen, but he said I was good at what I was doing, and he just went with it – but he’s another story for another day. (I loved getting unwanted cum in my mouth, made me feel so cheap and used – such a turn on).

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So, he kept trying to force his cock in my mouth saying it might work. I got so angry, that I wouldn’t let him, and apologized saying things just were not going as I expected. He was angry I left him all hot and bothered, but then was the wrong time to mention he sometimes had trouble getting it up. Had he at least mentioned it before, I could have been mentally prepared and responded accordingly. Under those circumstances, he killed the mood for a second time.

So for over a year following that, I have kept daring myself to go through some twenty-something planned trips to visit an adult sex shop and see whats up. I chicken out more than I can count. I’m in my late 40’s now and, its kinda tough finding that kind of courage. Somehow, quite recently, in fact a month or so ago, I did manage to muster the courage.

I walked through the doors, no biggie, and the guy at the counter was very polite, explained the shop, and costs, and made me feel at ease enough to pay for theater access. I walked in to one of 4 theater rooms, and tried my best not to gawk. I found a seat on a bench, and relaxed.

Now there were straight sex screens, gay screeds, bi-screens and trans screens. I stopped at the straight screen, and very little action going on, then decided to head to the gay screen. After all, I was hoping to hook up with a guy looking for long term no strings attached sex only meets. I certainly wasn’t going to get down in public.

I tell ya, about 2 hours passed, I was glued to my bench while other guys were in then out, very dim;y lit, so hard to see what was going on, but after 2 hours, I noticed one guy was servicing another with a blowjob.

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Cool. I wasn’t sure how any of this worked, so I kept observing. When I realized who’s cock was being serviced, I was bummed out because as he walked into the room, I commented to myself, “I’d swallow his load.”

After while I began to realize, the chances of having a discussion with any guy, and asking is me, as a submissive bottom only could make myself available to him on a daily basis, checking in by text or phone, if he needed me to come by and service him. You see, I am up for it every single day, and if I ever had the fortune of having 2 or more guys on my route rotation, awww man – PERFECT. One load is never enough.

Anyway, I could see, long term n.s.a. was likely not going to be accomplished here. So I got up from my bench and walked in between and back and forth thru the different theaters. Now I started to see more guys hooking up with random acts of mostly oral. It was nice, I got turned on. But was still hoping for a non-public hook-up.

There were lots of guys there, many of them hooking up, more trying. There were 2 guys I was wanting to approach, but they came and went as best I could tell. I was about to leave when a third possible showed up.

He was maybe 5 or so years older than me. But I wasn’t sold on him right away. After a few back and forth between theaters, we ended up in the the same room and where I was standing, he suddenly appeared about 3 feet away.

As I looked him up and down from the corner of my eye, I could see he had his cock out, and was stroking himself, looking at me. At first I inched backward, because it was unexpected. But ten the idea of a complete stranger just feet away from me with his cock out was too much to resist.

I leaned forward just enough to get my shoulder ahead of the wall partition separating he and I, by about 1 foot away now, I could hear him breathing. I even inched my hand forward and toward him by about 6 inches hoping he might put his cock in my hand. Instead, he rubbed it on my forearm.

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I looked down at his cock, he was thick and hung, and it pointed downward – my favorite angle for a cock to bend,

Then I reached to take him in my hand, and began jerking him off. I cannot lie, the feel of his cock in my hand was incredible. Had he pulled my head downward on it, I would not have resisted. But he didn’t.

He kept trying to get me to ease up on jerking him, I didn’t understand why, because that’s how I had always done it. But he asked me to go slower and massage it rather than jerk it. He motioned me to follow him. But he went to another room with more people than the room was just left. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue.

He then went back to the room with fewer guys, just 2. There I felt ok to put him in my hand again. I leaned in and asked if he was looking for long term n.s.a. and he said he was married. His cock was throbbing so hard in my hand.

He said he only got around to that shop a few months at a time. I knew tat if I was going to suck him off it was now or never. I leaned in again and told him i was here hoping to suck one off tonight. I then, took my hand off his cock and motioned for me to sit at the bench while he stood.

I looked around the room, the other 2 guys were watching, and I was a bit turned on by it. My first thought had always been, if I was in a place where there was more than just one guy, I would want to share myself to all of them.

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