Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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I couldn’t help it. I had to put it in my mouth. I shuffled down and moved the blanket lower, down his thighs. I nudged David so he was lying on his back, still mostly asleep. I lowered my head and started sucking on his dick. My tongue swirled around the head, then up and down the tip, anxiously trying to extract the precum I found to be so delicious. I then felt a hand on my head, pushing my hair back behind my ears and out of my face.

He’s awake.

I engulfed his cock slowly all the way down to the base. I felt it hit the back of my throat and I resisted the urge to gag. I sucked as I pulled my head back up, coating my son’s dick in saliva. I could taste the sex from last night. My pussy and the scent of man and musk. Mother and son. It was dirty, hot and amazing. I was on my knees, my ass was facing away and I spread my legs to be able to feel the air on my pussy. I was so ridiculously wet. I moved my hands to brace myself up and bobbed just my head up and down on David’s cock. He had gathered up all my hair into his fist, pulling it up and pushing me down. I sucked and slurped and swirled my tongue as he guided my head around. It was an amazing feeling, and I reveled in it.

He was letting me be a woman, and I loved it. I went down all the way again, almost gagging on it, before sucking tightly as I worked my way back up. I opened my watery eyes to look at him and he looked back at me for a moment before closing his eyes in pleasure as I continued the blow job.

“Mom..” he moaned softly as I sucked up and down on his penis. The skin was silky soft but his cock and arousal was so hard. It was mind-blowing.

“Mommy..” David whimpered. Hearing him say that sent shock waves through my body and directly to my throbbing clit and my aching, wet pussy. It felt electric. I felt alive in a way I never thought I’d experience again. It was like discovering sex for the first time again. And in a way it was.

I was discovering incest.

Before I could even react, David had pushed me off of him and flipped me on my back and pinned my arms behind my head. My legs were spread for him, and his spit-covered dick probed my wet sex.

“David..” I whimpered and looked in his eyes. I nodded as he stared back and plunged his cock into me.

Mother and son. Man and woman. Pussy and cock. And we just connect. It’s love.. Fuck.. Why is that so wrong?

“I love the way you smell, Mom..” he said as he leaned his face into my underarms. “Fuck..” he groaned as he inhaled my scent and began to fuck me.

“It’s okay..” I whispered. “It’s because I’m your mom, baby..” I closed my eyes and just reveled in the feelings of intimacy and love. I gripped his penis with my pussy muscles and felt ashamed that I had been so thoroughly conquered. My son’s balls were slapping against my ass rhythmically as my pussy milked him. I raised this boy and now he’s fucking me. It was devastating. But I loved it. He started kissing my shoulders and neck and before long he got to my mouth. I was trying to avoid kissing him at first because I hadn’t brushed my teeth, but he stuck his tongue in and I opened my mouth.

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