Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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Were they fucking again? I thought. Are they talking? I pondered to myself.

David kissed me on the lips and said he’d meet me at home. Both of our cars were there, so we’d be going home separately.

What is she thinking? How is she doing? What is she doing now? I couldn’t help but wonder, but there was nothing to do except wait for tomorrow to talk to her. I wondered if she would go to that therapist appointment.

Wow, Sylvia, I thought to myself as I started my car. You just set up your best friend to get fucked. By her own son.

I hoped that she was okay with it or even happy with it as I had been. My mind was swirling in a confusing cloud of post sex warmth and uncertainty of the future.

Where does all this lead? My fantasies have come true and I’m living in a dream.. I thought as I drove home alone on one cloudless summer night, the stars twinkling and the moon glowing white.

To be continued?

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