Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“Is that for me?” she said softly. Her son moaned as her hand made contact with his organ.

All I could do was stare in silence as I watched Robbie and Amanda embrace each other naked for the first time. Amanda closed her eyes and leaned in to begin kissing her son. Soon she was attacking his mouth aggressively with hers, desperate for the touch and taste of her son. She continued pulling on his cock as they kissed, enthralled by and fully giving in to her fears, her fantasy, what she had been denying herself.

I guess David could see I wanted to watch them so he guided me backwards to sit down on the couch and knelt between my legs. He was going to eat me out as I watched Amanda’s first time with her son. I inhaled sharply as his flat tongue lapped up the entire length of my smooth, bare sex, from my asshole to clit.

Robbie had turned his attention to his mother’s pretty pear-shaped tits and Amanda and I made eye contact from across the room as our sons pleasured us with their mouths. She moaned loudly as Robbie suckled her nipple and began exploring the wetness between her legs. I was breathing heavily and starting to rock my hips against my son’s tongue as he licked and sucked my pussy. Amanda kept her eyes on mine and moaned again louder and I followed her with a moan of my own. The sexual sounds echoed through the house along with the boy’s grunting and panting, and the wet sounds of licking and sucking. Amanda and I moaned in intervals, without a care in the world, as loud as we pleased.

Let’s do this, I felt like we were saying. She slowly moved to the opposite corner of the sectional couch and pushed her son to sit back. She laid on her side next to him and kissed his cock up and down with little kisses as she got herself into a comfortable position.

I leaned back as I felt David spread my legs wider. My son had his face between my legs and he was slowly and sensually going down on me. I was breathing heavily and moaning involuntarily as my arousal was just going through the roof and driving me crazy, my ears buzzing as my brain must have been just flooded with dopamine and endorphins. I was rocking my hips against David’s mouth as he alternated between lapping up my juices and sucking on my clit. I heard the sounds of dick sucking and looked over.

Amanda gasped as she came up for air, a line of spit connecting her son’s cock and her lips, before going back down and continuing her blow job. She had rolled over and was on all fours on the couch, her asshole and pussy pointed at me. Robbie had grasped her hair in his fist as his mother bobbed up and down on his fat cock. He glanced up at me and we made eye contact. My mouth was open in awe. I couldn’t help averting my eyes after a couple seconds to look at his dick disappearing between his mother’s lips.

She was going hard blowing her son, I was shocked. My friend was gagging on her boy’s cock and the sounds of her struggle were unbelievable. I saw one of her hands reach between her legs and begin rubbing herself.

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