Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“We are bad,” she whispered. We got so into our conversation that we almost stopped caring about being heard. We were still whispering, but the ladies doing our pedicures definitely heard a few key words, and I could tell by their glances and the looks on their faces that they were shocked and embarrassed. “If there was no consequences, what would you do if David came onto you?” Amanda asked me.

“I’ve been struggling with that,” I answered, trying to put myself in her shoes. I wanted to tell her I already did it. I fucked my son and its amazing. But I decided to play it like I was at the same point she was at, thinking maybe that would help her be more open. “I’m honestly scared. Part of me wants him to. In all honesty, I’m so flattered that he finds me attractive. Its boosted my confidence a lot.”

“Me too,” she admitted. “I want to go to the therapist and talk it out because in my head, I know its wrong, but I feel like, for me, it’d be more wrong to go sleep with some stranger. Or some younger guy my son’s age. Why should I be with some random guy who doesn’t give a shit about me?”

“Its confusing, for sure,” I said.

Our pedicures were done and we went on to the rest of our spa day. I felt so good after the massage and our talk. Relaxed. At peace. Whatever will be, will be. We got our waxes done without even saying anything. I expected to have to convince Amanda, but she went along with it without even questioning it. We went to the mall afterward to shop. I had an idea forming in the back of my mind. I texted my son.

Me and Amanda are at the mall picking out new bathing suits. I think we are going to hang by the pool later.

Nice. Sounds like fun.

Yeah. Maybe you two should hang out with us..


I’m not promising anything. But I will tell you that we both got a Brazilian wax, we are very relaxed from our pampering at the spa, and we are shopping at the mall now. I’m going to be pushing for the skimpiest bikinis that we can find. She’s ‘struggling with it.’

Struggling with what?

You know what.

My heart was racing. At the very least, hanging out with our sons by the pool would be a tension filled game of foreplay for David and I. Best case scenario, though, was my fantasy coming true. I wanted to be there when another mom, my best friend, gives in the way I already had. I wanted to see the look on her face when shes confronted with her son’s hard dick. I wanted to watch him take her. I wanted to show off my own son, how good he treats me, how good he fucks me. I wanted to see how red Amanda’s face gets when she’s having sex, committing the sin of incest. I wanted to see the look in her eyes and hear the sounds she makes when she’s cumming on her son’s cock. I wanted to share this intense experience, and everything that went with it, with my best friend. The pleasure, the joy, the shame- all of it.

We walked through the mall and picked up a few things here and there until we got to the main event; the bathing suits. We chose matching halter triangle tie-side bikinis and went into the dressing room together. Mine was lemonade pink and hers was white. The bottoms were a cheeky Brazilian cut, not a complete G-string, but beside a small triangle at the top of our crack, our whole asses would be showing. Amanda was staring off into space. I figured she must have been deep in thought about what was going on with Robbie. I was saying things like, “These will be good for when we go down the shore,” and “All the guys at the beach will be staring at you.” She just nodded or smiled. I think we both knew we’d be wearing these for our sons.

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