Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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That gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling for some reason. I hoped Robbie would be that same way for Amanda and they could move past it and go back to a normal mother son dynamic. One thing I did consider was that Robbie went to school further away, came home less, and had even spent almost the whole previous summer at his dad’s place. Without being judgemental, I definitely believed I had a closer and more comfortable relationship with my own son than Amanda had with Robbie. That being said, I hoped she was okay and it wouldn’t be too awkward.

I must have been lost in thought or just staring into space because I didn’t even notice that David had walked into the kitchen.

“You okay, Mom?” he asked. “You look like you’re thinking real hard.” He was pouring himself a cup of coffee and seemed like he was about to go back to his room.

“Yeah,” I said, his voice pulling me out of my reverie. “Its just Amanda.” He had stopped in the kitchen doorway and walked back in. “She’s just having an issue she was texting me about.” I looked up at him and noticed he was starting to crack a smile.

“Yeah she is,” he said knowingly. I was surprised.

“Did Robbie say something to you?” I asked.

“Uhh.. Yeah.” David was trying to suppress a smile and was looking down. He seemed to think it was funny.

“Well, he shouldn’t have told you,” I said. “Its embarrassing and..”

“Why?” he cut me off playfully. “He’s my best friend. I’m not going to tell anyone or say anything. I’m sure you would tell Amanda if you saw something like that or even if you walked in and caught me masturbating.”

“No I wouldn’t!” I said quickly.

“I think you would,” he argued. “Best friends tell each other things, its not a big deal. You just need to talk things out sometimes.”

I considered that.

“I guess you’re right,” I acquiesced. “Well.. What did he say?”

“I’m not gonna tell you that,” David said as he tried to suppress a grin. “He told me what happened though.”

I found myself grinning too in spite of myself.

“Come on,” I coaxed. “She is so embarrassed.” I was shaking my head and raised my eyebrows as I took a sip of coffee. David was still trying to stifle himself from laughing.

“Can you imagine?” I asked and I couldn’t help but look down and chuckle, “Oh my God.”

“He got quite an eyeful.”

“Please tell him not to give her too hard a time about it,” I said. “She’s mortified.”

“Well, he’s having a pretty hard time with it himself,” David said with a smirk as we made eye contact. “He’s extremely hard over it,” he laughed.

I scoffed.

“She’s his mom!” I protested, incredulous.

“Mom or not,” David said earnestly, “he is gonna have a very hard time getting that image out of his head.” He looked at me matter-of-factly. “Mrs. LaRusso is a very beautiful woman.”

“She is,” I agreed. I looked away and sipped my coffee.

I considered what my son was telling me. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was taller and skinnier than me. She looked much younger than her 45 years and had an amazingly slender and fit body that I envied.

Robbie had caught his sexy mom, naked and masturbating, and he got aroused by it. His penis got hard from seeing his own mom touching herself naked. Right as she orgasmed. David had started to walk back out of the room.

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