Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“Mom,” he moaned softly and placed his hands gently on the back on my head.

I closed my eyes and let it happen, taking the head of my son’s penis into my mouth. My tongue licked up the delicious precum leaking from his slit. My hands still on his side, I drew my lips over the cock head slowly and deliberately, savoring every feeling and every instant. My head moved forward and back, each time taking a little more of my son’s cock into my mouth. My tongue pressed up against the bottom of his shaft, flicking against the tip for more precum each time I withdrew before opening up my lips again and going deeper.

As I moved my head, I could feel it hitting the top of my mouth and then the back of my throat. I sucked and molded my mouth around his cock again and again as I pulled my lips and tongue off of his sex organ, before engulfing it again. Slowly and steadily I increased my rhythm, adding little flourishes here and there, until I was bobbing up and down in the most loving and intense blow job I have ever given.

His hand had firmly grasped a bunch of my hair and he gently guided my head as I worked over his cock. As compromised a position as that was for a mother to be in, I can only describe my feelings of excitement as triumphant. I was doing it. In spite of all the pressures and judgement of society, I had stood up for myself, my sexuality, my womanhood. I was accepting my son was a man now, I was validating his sexuality. I know it sounds strange, but it felt so right. This was something beautiful that my son and I were going to share. In that moment, all the fear and shame leading up to it just became fuel for the fire to burn hotter and brighter.

I brought my hand up to the base of his cock and started working him over with both my hand and mouth. I loved cock. I loved sucking cock.

Why shouldn’t I enjoy my son’s cock? I asked myself. I couldn’t think of a single reason. I made him hard, I reasoned. I deserve his cum.

The more I deepthroated him, the more saliva my mouth created. My eyes even started tearing. I slowed down to catch my breath and just sucked on the head as my hand moved rhythmically. I withdrew my mouth and looked up at David. When I pulled off of him, he opened his eyes and we looked at each other. His chest was still heaving with his heavy breaths. He brought his hand around and stroked my face lovingly.

“I love you, Mom,” he said. I sucked his cock and stroked him as I kept my eyes on him. I wanted to see his reaction. He gasped and his eyes went wide as he stared back at me. I kept going. Finally he had to close his eyes. I sucked him off hard until I felt his balls starting to tighten and become drawn close to his body. I backed off, moving my hand to gently tug and massage his balls while my lips slowed down around his shaft. I kissed the tip as I removed my mouth again and massaged his balls and up the base of his cock. The only thing in my world was my son and his cock. Nothing else mattered.

“I love you, baby,” I whimpered. I was surprised by how high pitch and girly- sounding my voice came out. Hearing my own voice sound like that brought me back to earth. I felt such a deep sense of shame all of the sudden. I couldn’t explain what I was doing. But when I considered stopping, I knew that I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to. “Baby, I’m sorry, I…” I looked at his cock and took in the sight before me and the reality of what I was doing. “I can’t help it..”

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