Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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We were both single. I knew that I wasn’t okay with cheating. The wounds from my divorce were still fresh. I didn’t want to just submit to be my son’s private cum-slut, or a masturbation tool, while he dated other girls. I wanted to be his girlfriend. And I also wanted to stay his mom. Maybe that sounded crazy, but that’s how I needed it to be..

How does that make sense, Sylvia? I asked myself. You want him to fuck you and only you? His Mother?

“Yes..” I answered out loud in a gasp. I brought up one of David’s dick pics, memorized it, closed my eyes. I had fished out the dildo from under my pillow and started fucking myself with it.

“I can give him everything… I can give him everything..” I was moaning under my breath as I imagined all the ways I could fuck him, suck him, and make him cum. I knew it was unrealistic and probably not right for him to be mine forever and I couldn’t expect or want that, but it could be that way right now. I had not been very sexually adventurous in my life to that point. At all.

I felt like I owed it to myself to do this. David wanted me. He was actively planning how to get me into bed with him. All I had to do was just be open to it and let it happen. I had no doubt that it would be the best sex I’d ever had, and that if I did this, it would be the defining moment in my whole sexual life. All the shame, guilt and fear was turning into fuel for the fire. The hurt and pain I felt from my husband leaving and starting a new family went deep. But we had made a son. And he loved me. He wanted me.

I can let go of everything, I thought as I brought myself closer to orgasm. I imagined David on top of me, looking into my eyes as we fucked. “Daviiiid..” I moaned louder. ” David, baby… you’re gonna make Mommy cum… you’re gonna make your mom cum, baby..” I kept repeating myself louder and louder as I approached my climax. I knew I was alone in the house. I bucked uncontrollably as I went into a powerful full-body orgasm.

“ooooooohhhhhhhh ffffffFUCK!” I screamed so loud it hurt my voice. I was writhing on the bed, splashing my pussy juice all over my belly, ass and thighs. I had taken the dildo out and sucked my juices off of it as I lazily kept playing with my clit.

I felt a deep catharsis in the afterglow of that orgasm. I had made a decision. I would fuck my son.

The next day, I had my hair appointment and then went to Amanda’s afterwards to lay out by the pool. I wore my favorite orange colored bikini and halter top with this cute floral trim. Amanda complimented me on my hair as we met up in her kitchen. I thanked her and asked her how her date went.

“Oh, it went good. I had a nice time, he’s very handsome. He didn’t come inside though, he kissed me on the cheek so I don’t really know what happened,” she said and then she bit her lip. “You know Robbie and David were in the city last night so it would have been perfect for me to have him come in. I guess he didn’t like me.”

“He’s an idiot,” I said. “You’re beautiful. Maybe he is just old fashioned and was trying to be respectful.”

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