Fucked sister

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Hey guys,today I'm going to tell the story about the with with my shraddha with sexy figure 35-24-36,brown eyes and medium height…

The incident happened when I was 17…..Me and my sister used to share the bed.One day when we were using the mobile we heard the sound of parents fucking in next room..we both heard it,then she told me that we can also do that if i wanted,,,Then I decided to fuck her and slowly started to kiss and remove her clothes and I got chance to see her naked body….I started to press and suck her …After that she statrted to suck my dick and gave me a blowjob….Then now I slowly tried to insert my dick into her pussy but her pussy was so tight that she producedd the sound and in no time I closed her mouth with my mouth and insertd slowly..Now she was felling good nd was enjoying it…then i kissed her wildly and fucked her really hard and came into her pussy…..And we both slept without taking my dick outside her pussy..

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Next day when our parents went for work she went to our parents room and brought the condom…..And I opened the site and we both became ready to do as in porn movie….now there was too….First of all she was no ready to do sex but I convinenced telling her it will give more fun…..Now I tried to give her anal but she screamed very loud so I stopped it and started tho kiss her wildly and looking the chance I inserted my dick in her ,she was screaming but it was giving me pleasure so I pulled her hair too so that she screams more loudly and I beat her in her ass also ………..Now I was about to so I put mu dick in her mouth and came in her mouth……Then we both took a shower together and fucked ther also

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