Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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When I woke up, my alarm was blaring and my bedroom was already filled with the morning sunlight. I looked at my phone and it was already 7:30. I must have hit snooze a few times without realizing it. I got up and scrambled to get ready. I had a video meeting at 8 am and then I had to be at a doctor’s office for a sales call at 10. I was usually an early riser and hated the feeling of rushing around and being late.

As I quickly made up my bed, I found my dildo under the covers and just shoved it under the pillow. I glanced over at my discarded panties and top by the wall. Picturing myself in them around my son now seemed so lewd and inappropriate.

Jesus, Syl. What the fuck was that? You slut.. I chastised myself as I picked up the dirty clothing and put them in the hamper in my large walk-in closet. I selected new underwear, a skirt and blouse, then I made my way to the bathroom. I stepped into the shower.

I washed my body quickly as I knew I didn’t have very much time before I had to be on video conference. I was trying to decide whether or not to wash my hair. No matter what I did, I wouldn’t be looking great on the conference call so I decided to just wash it now, put it up, and then I’d get it figured out before I had to meet my customer later that morning.

I was very anxious about the previous night. In the full light of day, I wasn’t too proud of how I acted and I was hoping that David wasn’t freaked out. I tried to reassure myself.

You guys cuddled. That’s it. And he started it, you just went with it, I told myself. And the cuddling felt really good. He was the one who was clearly and obviously aroused. He probably couldn’t even tell that my shorts were wet. I went back and forth with myself.

He could definitely tell. He could probably smell it, and your panties were soaked enough that your pubes were visible through the fabric..

So what? We both got aroused, it doesn’t matter..

Then you fucked yourself immediately afterward with the door open. Purposely. So your son could see you..

He didn’t see that.. I hope.. I tried to clear my mind. There was nothing I could do to change it, I just had to move forward. I was figuring that the reason was only because I hadn’t masturbated or came in weeks and I was pretty sure I was ovulating. So just my son’s scent and masculine energy was turning me on.

I didn’t do anything, I thought. And that whole stupid idea got triggered from Amanda’s little escapade. She’s the one who came in front of her son, not me..

I made a decision that I would start to masturbate regularly again to keep myself in check and that I would go back on some dating websites and try to find a boyfriend. I need to get my hair done, I thought. And go shopping for sexy clothes. I would redirect my sexual energy into finding a suitable partner.

Once I got into work mode, I was able to stop thinking and worrying about what happened with David. I went through my day and everything went well. I had to order some peripherals and replacement parts for medical equipment for a doctors office and I was close to making a sale on a brand new device for another customer which would net me over ten thousand in commission. So work was going well.

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