Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“We’ll see,” she said doubtfully. “I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to call him.”

Amanda and I got our wineglasses and walked outside to lay by the pool. I was feeling extra sexy with my new hair and my new-found confidence that my hot stud of a son was lusting after me. Even though he didn’t use their names, it was clear from reading David’s post that Robbie was also lusting after Amanda and the two boys were discussing how to seduce us.

I didn’t feel as sure as I felt the night before, when I would have shouted from the rooftops that I was going to fuck my son, but still I was really interested in the possibilities. I couldn’t help but think about it and felt like my body had already made up its mind and I was just trapped in my head trying to rationalize what was already inevitable. I wanted to gauge where Amanda’s head was at. I wanted to see how open she was to thinking about it, if she had noticed anything with Robbie.

“How is Robbie?” I asked her.

“He’s good. He’s been doing the lifeguard thing and you know him and David always have a party to go to, or the city or something going on. But its great to have him home for a while. He didn’t even spend last summer here so its been a while.”

“Oh yeah,” I remembered. “He stayed with his dad on Long Island, David went up there a few times. Are you guys getting to spend any time together? How has he been after the, ummm, incident.” I giggled, shifting my eyebrows at my friend. I was referring to her getting caught masturbating by her son. The thing that arguably started all this sexual stuff with the boys in the first place.

“Welllll,” she laughed, embarassed. “He was actually really mature about it. I still can’t believe that happened.” She covered her mouth, thinking for a moment before going on, “Things have pretty much gone back to normal. He hasn’t been weird or anything towards me.”

“Well that’s good,” I said. “I mean, its embarrassing but you didn’t even do anything wrong. You’re allowed to masturbate, you’re a healthy woman. You thought you had the house to yourself.”

Amanda looked at me thoughtfully. “I have noticed…” she began, then paused. She seemed unsure of herself, but then looked down and continued, “He has been looking at me differently it seems like. I’ve caught him basically checking out my body. Not in a weird way really, just like a young man with hormones I guess.”

“I’m sure,” I said, trying to keep myself from giggling. “Its probably hard for him to get that image out of his head.” David even told me that Robbie said that. “You are a beautiful woman.”

“I’m his mom. I’m sure he doesn’t think of me in that way.”

“You just said you see him checking out your body,” I countered.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Its not sexual or anything like that.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure. A lot of boys have a thing for their mothers,” I said, cautiously, trying to draw her out into a more frank conversation of what was going on. “I’ve noticed looks from David too and he didn’t see me moaning and masturbating.”

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