Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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This is real.

I silently extricated myself from David’s arms and turned over to face him. He was still in a deep sleep. I brought the covers down to our waists. I wanted to look at our bodies. I wanted to be able to just look down and see his cock. I caressed his body- his arms, his chest and stomach. I looked over my son and marveled at what a perfect example of the male form he was. Even if we never had sex again, I would treasure the experience we shared for the rest of my life. But something told me it would happen again. And again. I became so excited and happy at that thought.

I was really no longer that conflicted about it. My love for him was too strong and the sex was too good for me to ever deny him. I wouldn’t deny myself either. I laid there and looked at my son’s face. I saw in his features both his father and me. I remembered the night he was conceived. How strange it was that as a mother you can bring another life into being. I reflected on his birth and childhood. His father leaving us. I looked down at both of our naked bodies. They were the same exact shade of fair skin, lightly tanned.

My heart swelled with pride at the thought of David wanting me, lusting for me, and then going for it. Making it happen. What a beautiful gift for a son to give his mother.. to make her feel wanted and beautiful. To seduce her, get her naked.. fuck her with his young hard cock..

And make her cum…

I played with the line of hair from his navel to his crotch. The treasure trail. He kept all his pubic hair trimmed short and it was perfect. It was long enough to not be stubbly but soft. It was short enough to look neat and clean but manly. I looked down at my bare pubic area, which I had shaved on a whim. I thought back to David eating me out on the couch downstairs.

Holy shit.. That was so fucking amazing..

I didn’t have any doubt or fear anymore. David had told me that he had always wanted me, ever since he was old enough to have those feelings. Attraction. Desire. Lust. I knew he wouldn’t change his mind about what we had done.

The only question now was how to make it work, and I knew we could figure that out. This was our little family of two, this was our home. It was no one’s business what happened here between us, how we connected and expressed our love. I touched my son’s penis and lightly ran my fingers up and down his length before softly cupping his warm balls. The physical sensation brought it to life, and before my very eyes I watched it lengthen and grow. I was mesmerized. I can’t say enough how beautiful my son’s penis was. The perfect size, shape, and proportions.

God made this from me, and for me. I counted my blessings. The stars had aligned just right in order for my son and I to experience this rare and powerful dimension of love. Most mothers would never orgasm on their son’s cock, or taste his cum. Nor should they. But for David and I, it felt right. He wanted me, he came after me, and I felt after everything I’d been through, I deserved this. My fingers glided up and down on my son’s beautiful cock and before long it was rock hard.

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