Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“You want any water?” I asked David.


I filled up the glasses too much, because it was hard to see and my hands were shaking. I took my glass and began sipping while stepping towards David to hand him the glass. His chest looked so defined and strong. His face was beautiful. I loved him so much.

My son. My only child. I noticed his pajama bottoms were still tented and there were now several little spots of wetness from precum.

Some water accidentally spilled out of the overfilled glass when I moved. I quenched my thirst then set my glass down on the counter. I grabbed the towel off the oven handle and knelt down to wipe up the water.

On my hands and knees, I felt the cool air on my bottom half as the cami rode up my waist. I knew he was looking at my naked bottom half. I imagined his perspective and what I looked like, on all fours, my ass exposed. It should have taken two seconds to wipe up the little splashes but I stayed down there and looked up at David. He was just looking back at me, sipping his water. I knelt in front of him, putting my hands against his thighs on either side of his hard-on. I moved them slowly, up and down, rubbing his body. I felt up to his firm abs, then gathered my fingers around the waistband of his pajamas and looked up at him. He set his water down.

“Mom..” he pleaded.

“Baby,” I called back in a whisper. I then slowly pulled my son’s pants down, his cock bouncing out proudly and slapping his stomach. Even in the moonlight, I could see glistening precum on the little opening of his erection. I brought the pajamas all the way down and guided his feet, one at a time, to get them off his legs.

My son stood above me completely naked.

“My baby..” I whimpered as I looked up at him.

I put my hands back on his sides and continued caressing up his thighs and his flat stomach. I kissed him on his hip, right next to his cock, on one side and then the other. I looked at my baby’s manhood. It was perfectly formed, perfect proportions. It was beautiful. He had his pubic hair trimmed short. I peppered his skin with kisses and nuzzled my face against the side of his balls. I heard my son breathing heavily as I made intimate contact with him. He smelled clean, like body wash, with just a hint of musk. Something in my senses could detect just by the scent that this was my son and it was driving me crazy. I could feel that I was literally dripping wet. I was savoring the moment and with my hands still caressing his sides, I explored his manhood with all my senses.

I lightly kissed all over his pubic area near the base of his cock, feeling the light and soft stubble of his hair against my chin and cheeks. My kisses got closer and closer to his organ, until the side of my face and my hair were pressed against his cock. There was no stopping what was going to happen. It was inevitable. I moved back again and looked up at David. His eyes opened and met mine immediately, like he had a sixth sense I was looking at him.

“David,” I whimpered. I didn’t really know what else to say. The rational part of my brain was way in the background and I was running only on instinct and emotion. Love and lust.

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