Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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I turned off the overhead light and just put on the little table light next to my bed. I immediately went to the back of my underwear drawer and got out my dildo. I hadn’t masturbated in weeks since David had come home, and I credited that as the only reason for getting so turned-on from being with my son. I just needed to cum.

As I laid down on the bed and spread my legs, I noticed that I hadn’t even closed my bedroom door all the way. There was a good five inch gap and beyond my bedroom I could see nothing but blackness. I continued anyway.

There was no reason for David to be outside my bedroom, my room was the last door on the opposite side of the house. The chances of him walking past and looking in were very low, unless he saw the light from the opened door and chose to come and look into my room.

I figured that was fair.

If he was brave enough, he could come and see what he fucking did to me.

Jesus Christ.. I was so wet, the thick rubber cock slid right into me and my muscles started contracting around it. I was just so turned on, I couldn’t see straight.

Images flooded uncontrollably into my mind. I kept pushing them away. I just wanted to concentrate on my cunt. That was it. That was everything. But for some reason my brain wanted to show me Amanda masturbating. And Robbie watching her. And Robbie masturbating. And Amanda watching him.

No.. I pushed those images away. My cunt was making a vulgar slurping noise as I frantically pumped the toy in and out of my sex. Then I saw myself on my knees, naked, hanging on to a hard dick. Loving on it, sucking it, gagging on it. It was David. It was David’s cock. I was working over my son’s cock with my hand and mouth.

No, Sylvia, I chastised myself even as I continued to fuck myself harder and faster. I cleared my mind. I just wanted to cum. I just wanted to make myself cum. I was getting close.

I saw Amanda climbing over her son, positioning his cock. My best friend had no clothes on, reverse cowgirl, holding her boy’s penis steady as she sat on it. She looked up at me.

I rolled over on all fours, my legs spread and ass up in the air as I imagined my son climbing on top of me and just fucking me.

I tried to catch my moans before they woke up the house. I was cumming. I slammed my free hand down on the bed and balled up the covers in my fist. I audibly gasped, then whimpered as I recklessly conjured images of incest with my son. He was fucking me. He was fucking me and I was cumming. I was cumming really hard. I rode it out.

Breathing heavily, I slowly came down to earth. I was spent. I looked at the bedroom door ajar and the darkness beyond.

David, I’m sorry. I went and peeked out the door as I closed it. I didn’t think he saw anything but still I couldn’t believe I did that.

What are you doing, Sylvia? My rational mind was horrified. My body, on the other hand, was still riding the high from the best and most intense orgasm I’d had in a long time. I took off my sweaty camisole and threw it against the wall of my bedroom next to my underwear. I climbed into bed naked and within minutes I drifted off to a deep sleep.

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