Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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David had undone my top as I sucked him and it fell down to my waist. I wanted to take my bottoms off so I stood up, untied them and kicked them off. I turned to embrace David and felt his erection against my belly as we started kissing.

I was losing myself in the passion of the moment, ready to go for the ride I had been dreaming of with my best friend and our sons. Two cougar moms getting naked and just losing control with our own boys. Their hard cocks. Our wet pussies. I had dreamed of it so many times but the reality felt more unreal than any dream. My head felt so light and warm and my ears were ringing. We were about to experience the ultimate decadence. The ultimate sin, some might say, but I didn’t believe that. The power of mother son sex came from the immeasurable love we had for each other. It felt so unconditional, so otherworldly to share this aspect of myself with my son, my little boy. To show him my body, my sexual nature and behavior, my orgasm. To be ashamed and scared but do it anyway. I wanted to see another woman go through that. Our male children, grown up now into their own men, were about to work us over with their hard cocks and rock our worlds. It seems strange to say, but seeing my grown son naked, with his cock hard for me, filled my heart with motherly pride.

“Wait!” Amanda yelped. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. Like a bucket of cold water, it snapped me out of my reverie as I believed she was going to put a stop to the whole thing. I looked up at her, sitting on her son’s lap with her legs spread wide, her whole cunt glossy from her wetness and arousal. Robbie’s fat cockhead pushed against her pussy lips. Her head had been leaning back, and her eyes were wide and looking right at me. She breathed in and out heavily for a moment before pushing herself off her son’s lap, causing his dick to bounce back and forth once it got loose from between her legs.

Amanda was then walking quickly toward me, glancing up at the neighbors’ houses. “We need to go inside.” She put her hands out and guided my naked son and I in through the sliding glass doors. She turned back to Robbie and told him to follow us.

As she guided us through the kitchen, I felt her hand move down from the small of my back to my butt. I had goosebumps. We entered the living room and I turned to see Amanda’s little hand clutching my son’s cock. My cunt gushed even as I felt pangs of jealousy. A feeling of helplessness mixed with arousal coursed through me as I watched her squeeze his dick before allowing it to slip out of her fingers as she stepped away and turned the dimmer switch for the lights.

Amanda, red faced, had the front of the room and David and I stayed to the side, with Robbie entering last. She looked from us to her son and then wordlessly untied her little bikini top, removing the last stitch of clothing that any of us had on. She opened her arms as Robbie approached her cautiously. Mother and son approached each other, and Amanda shyly smiled at her son as she reached down and began fondling his balls and gently tracing her fingers up and down his hard dick.

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