Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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Would David take them? I wondered. Why? I was a bit thrown off that both items were missing and I looked around the room and my bathroom to make sure I didn’t just leave them somewhere else.

I hadn’t been going into David’s room too much since he had gotten home. He did his own laundry and I had always respected his privacy. But I really wanted to see if my hunch was correct that he took those clothes. What would that mean? I gulped down the rest of the wine and left the glass on my night stand before setting out to look in my son’s room.

Just quickly look around and see if they’re there, that’s all. David’s door was closed and his room was a little messy, but not that bad. There were some clothes on the floor and the bed, which was unmade. His laptop was open on his desk but it was off. I scanned the scattered clothes but it was only his stuff. Then I looked on the bed. I moved some things around to get a better look. Right under his pillow I found my stuff. My top and my panties.

So he did take them, I thought. Why? I brought the panties up to my nose. That was why. I prided myself on keeping my lady parts very clean and I didn’t have a strong scent but I did have one. And it was detectable on these. I remembered how wet they were the previous night. The bottom part was completely damp when I took them off. I recalled the sensation of the cool air on my hot slick pussy as soon as I pulled them down my legs. I then smelled my shirt. In the chest area, it still carried the scent of my perfume and in the area under my arms, I could faintly detect my body odor. I hadn’t worn deodorant and I had been sweating a lot. I had kept it on during the whole masturbation session last night. Still, it wasn’t very strong or gross or anything. I recalled seeing a documentary or video where researchers showed that men were attracted to the scent of some female body odor, especially a female that was ovulating. So what did this all mean?

David was getting off to sniffing my underwear. I was surprised on one hand, just because he seemed so mature and this was very much a teenage boy move. I recalled that I had thought my panties had gone missing mysteriously before a couple times, but never really investigated it too much so I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to take them back because then he’d know I had been in there and that I knew. I thought that would be too awkward, so I would just wait and let him return them in his own time. I kind of wanted to chalk it up to raging boy hormones and leave it at that. But last night had happened. My curiosity was too much.

I glanced at his laptop. I remembered that I knew his password last winter because I needed to use his computer to print something when mine wasn’t working. If he hadn’t changed it, I could look at his computer and see his internet browser history. Did I want to do that?

I noticed my palms were sweaty and my heart rate was rising. I put the clothes back under his pillow and went to his laptop. I tapped the space bar and it came to life, no password even necessary. He had a browser open with multiple tabs. Facebook, Reddit, Youtube. There was some stuff about baseball and some video game stuff. Then I looked at the bottom and saw there was another window that had been minimized. It was in private browsing mode and multiple tabs were open. There was a couple tabs open of milf porn, and I didn’t fail to notice the milf on display resembled me at least in build and color. The other tabs were even more eye-opening.

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