Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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I made an appointment for the following day to get my hair cut and colored. My hair was getting long and it was pretty close to it’s natural dark brown color. I wanted to do something drastic. I wanted to look chic and young and stylish. And I wanted to get a balayage and have lots of highlights. Light brown and all different shades in between to look natural but cute.

I still had a great figure, I knew that. I was quite short and small, and I knew the danger for me was to get too complacent and I could start looking pretty mousy. I was grateful at my age that I had smaller breasts because there really wasn’t very much sag at all. I had a flat stomach and a cute butt. I really should have no problem attracting a man. My face was pretty too. I had a religious moisturizing routine that I usually followed to try and keep at bay the fine lines around my eyes or when I smile. I didn’t look like a twenty year old, but I thought I looked good for my age.

As I was on my way home from my last appointment, I texted David. I casually asked if he planned on having dinner at home or if he had other plans. I wanted to gauge if he was feeling weird or not towards me. He responded that he was grabbing a bite to eat with Robbie and that they would be going into the city that night. He seemed in a normal mood and so I was able to go back into mom mode and tell him not to drink and be careful. He was only 19, but he could pass as older because he was so tall and well-built. Robbie looked a bit younger and would probably get carded. He was probably just going to someone’s apartment anyway, not a bar or club. I knew he had a decent head on his shoulders, and he hadn’t got into much trouble with partying.

I had been texting Amanda throughout the day as well and I knew that she would be going on a date tonight. So we were chatting about that and I encouraged her by telling her how beautiful she was and giving feedback on what she was planning on wearing.

I would be just be home alone that night. I was used to it. I baked salmon for dinner and had a salad to go with it. Amanda was keeping me posted on every detail of her date, whether I wanted it or not. I knew she just needed moral support so I was happy to provide her with positive feedback and encouragement. I had some white wine in the fridge and I poured myself a glass with dinner and had another afterwards.

After dinner, I took my wineglass upstairs to my bedroom and changed out of my work clothes. I put on a comfy t-shirt and yoga pants but when I went to put my work stuff in the hamper I quickly noticed that my clothes from last night weren’t there. The camisole and boyshorts.

That’s weird. I shrugged my shoulders and put my work stuff in the hamper and then I sat on my bed. I sipped my wine as I flipped on the TV in the corner. I was just planning on putting on Grey’s Anatomy and relaxing. But as I continued to consider why my clothes weren’t in the hamper I just couldn’t let it go. Did I just miss them? I went back into the closet, turned on the light, and went through all the clothes in the hamper. There was barely anything in there as I had done my laundry just a few days ago. The camisole and boyshorts weren’t there.

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