Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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Are you gonna tell Amanda? I asked myself.

No way.

I got cleaned up and decided to go out and run some errands. I had to drop in at some doctor’s offices for work and then do some shopping. As I passed David’s room, I glanced inside and saw he wasn’t there. Then I descended the stairs, hoping I wouldn’t bump into him. He wasn’t down there either, but my satin nightie was in the living room and his pajama pants were in the kitchen. On the couch I could see white stains on the leather from our dried sex fluids.

Yeah. That happened.

I went through my errands and tried the best that I could not to think about what had happened, but that’s much easier said than done. Honestly, I knew I really didn’t have much control. My son was hot and he turned me on. If he wanted to fuck me, I would let him. But I was scared about the fallout. I could imagine a hundred different ways this could blow up in my face. He may already have told Robbie.

That was another thing. I didn’t know what to say to Amanda. I didn’t think she’d understand but she might. I wondered if something like that would be possible with her and Robbie. I knew he wanted it. David had told me. Robbie had seen his mother naked and masturbating. According to him, she kept going and came while looking at him. According to her, she saw him as she was cumming and soon stopped.

I’m not that good of a liar. She’d probably be able to tell something was up if this subject with our sons ever came up. I had already admitted to her that I had seen things on my son’s browser history. I admitted it made me wet. I wasn’t sure how to handle things now. I decided I should avoid her if possible.

I’m not going to lie. The fantasy of Amanda and I fucking our sons together had been swimming through my mind before David and I had even fucked. Now that that had happened, it was a frightening and arousing prospect.

I had always thought of Amanda as the more sexually adventurous one out of the two of us. If I was susceptible to an indiscretion like this, maybe she could be too. I knew it would make me feel so much better if there was someone I could talk to about it. Another person who knew how this felt. How it felt to get naked and have sex with her own son. To look in his eyes and cum on his dick.

It was really good, I have to say. It was intense.

I also wasn’t feeling so sure how to act anymore at home and around David. I had crossed the line and then some. I was reeling from the shame of it.

And how does he feel? Is he just one hundred percent okay with having sex with his own mother? I knew that he had lusted after me and had actually been the one who came on to me, but I was open to it. I’m the parent. I’m not some college slut that should be just spreading my legs because he flirts with me.

I asked to be his girlfriend, I remembered, cringing. And he agreed. Am I just a sexual conquest? He seduced his own mom. Would boys brag about something like that?

No, he loves you, Sylvia.

I’m a young, divorced mom. Certainly this isn’t the first time an attractive mother and son succumbed to temptation and sinned together? That doesn’t make it right..

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