Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“Fuck, Mom,” was all he was able to gasp before he went in. He pushed my thighs back. His tongue went flat, like he was licking an ice cream cone, as he lapped up my entire sex in one long motion, from my puckered little asshole up my whole slit until he made contact with my achingly sensitive clit.

I yelped involuntarily. It was so intense. I balled up my hand and punched back into the couch.

“Ohhh, God!” I wailed, surprising myself with my high pitch and volume as it echoed through the quiet house. I became aware of every sound, our breathing, the barely audible TV on upstairs, the squeaking of the leather couch. I bucked my hips, pressing my sex against my son’s mouth in rhythm with his head. I was so sensitive and so turned on. My son was lapping up my pussy and clit so perfectly I knew I was just going to cum immediately if he kept going like this. I felt the heat rise to my chest and face. I considered trying to change things up, or push him off so I could savor the feeling and delay my orgasm, but too quickly I had passed the point of no return. I leaned into it.

“No, David,” I whined breathlessly. “Stop it. I’m gonna cum in your face.” David sped up the movement of his tongue. I could hear him sucking up my juice there was so much. “Fuck!” I cried as I felt my orgasm building from somewhere deep inside of me. “Ohhh, god!” I knew it was going to be huge. I had never been this excited before. My brain was swirling. My son. All those years, he was my little boy. Now he stood before me a man. Grown. With a big hard cock. Hard because of me. I was his mom. A mousy little mom. A shy little girl inside but my son opened me up sexually. Now I was naked for him and he was eating me out in the family room and making me cum. My son was licking on my clit and I was about to cum.

“Ooohh no.. fuck!” I squealed right before going over the edge. The event horizon. My world collapsed in on itself and I fell out of time. I was cumming for my son. My sex was in his face. There was no hiding anymore. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and held on. My face tightened and I opened my mouth but no sounds came out.

Who am I? My mind was blown. The most intense orgasm of my life was ripping through me and my son was not letting up. I may have felt wetness spray out of my cunt right in his face. I was done. I just gave up. I rolled my head back and just went for the ride as I came and came and came.

I can’t even explain how I felt. I was so alive. I was so ashamed. In perfect clarity I saw myself as if I was outside my body, looking down at the scene in our living room. I had never been a wild girl, and now I was a slutty naked milf about to fuck my own son. He would have kept going but I pushed him off.

He stood up as I was still shaking hard in the aftermath of my orgasm, my head back and eyes closed. Mind blown. David grabbed my hips and positioned me. I was his. The whole bottom half of my body was soaked. He pushed his dick against my cunt, the underside gliding between my slick pussy lips. I was starting to come back down to earth. It was too intense. I couldn’t take it. I opened my eyes and looked at my son. He was looking at our sex organs. He looked almost painfully aroused.

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