Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“David..” I pleaded as he loomed over me. I had spread my legs for him, my feet in the air, my aroused sex pointing straight towards him. “Wait,” I said breathlessly as he positioned his proud, hard cock at my opening. He pressed against me, the underside of his length against my slit, sliding up and down my wetness. He was just going for it, and I found that so hot.

“Mom,” he moaned, “fuck..” I put my hand on top of his hard-on and pressed it down against my pussy to keep him from actually penetrating me. I wouldn’t really have been mad if he just started fucking me. That was going to happen soon, anyway. I didn’t think I could stop it.

“Baby,” I whimpered as our naked genitals rubbed against each other, he as hard and I as wet as I’ve ever felt before. “Wait, please.”

He kept going.

“I’m sorry, Mom” he sighed. “I love you.” We met each others eyes for the first time. Then we both looked down at the sight between our legs. Inches from fucking. Seconds away from committing incest. I watched his dick slide up and down between the folds of my pussy lips. I grasped it and held it in my hand.

“Baby, you’re my son,” I said, my eyes going back and forth between his eyes and his cock. “I love you, David. But..”

I began stroking him. I couldn’t help it. I felt like my mind should have been in turmoil but it wasn’t. His cock looked so powerful in my little hand.

“I’m so proud of you, baby. Of the man you’re becoming.” I looked him dead in the eyes. I slapped his hard dick against my clit a couple times. Exhaling loudly, I went on, “Of the man you’ve become.” I tightened my grip and stroked harder. “We can’t do this or… we need to talk about it, David,” I said, regaining control. “This isn’t just regular sex.” I slowly and deliberately jerked my son as I looked at his face and in his eyes. It felt unreal. My voice was shaking. “I’m your mom. Its incest,” I said in a whisper.

“I know,” David said, looking down.

I felt I had made my point. I’m not totally sure what that point was, though. Maybe it was just to take a second to acknowledge what we were doing. I didn’t want this to be where ‘oh, we just got carried away’ or something. No. If we were going to do this, I wanted us to do it with eyes wide open. As mother and son.

But I still wanted to do it. I really wanted to do it. I felt high.

“I need some water, baby,” I said, letting go of his cock and sitting up. “Let’s go to the kitchen.” My mouth felt dry and I was light-headed. I stood up. My black satin cami fell past my shaved mound and most of my ass. David pulled his pajamas back over his waist and followed me downstairs. I could hear the TV still playing in my room as we descended the stairs.

My legs were wobbly, and I felt almost drunk. David stalked behind me, silently. The kitchen was bathed in blue moonlight like so many other nights before. When I’d come down for a drink of cool water in the middle of the night.

I reached up to get glasses from the cabinet. The cami rode up, exposing my naked ass. I bent over to get the Brita pitcher from the fridge, again aware that I was displaying myself.

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