Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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We were kissing passionately and my mind was swirling. Every taste, every smell, every sensation was turned up to eleven. My dopamine was surging to all corners of my body.

“David,” I said as we broke our kiss. “Baby…” We looked into each others’ eyes as we pumped our hot, wet genitals into each other, focusing on the pleasure coming from our sex. I looked at the expression on his face and I wondered what mine looked like. I loved him so much. I could feel my face going into an O face, like I was going to cry. I wanted to cry. I wanted to cum. I need this…

“Cum in me,” I said as I looked in my son’s eyes. “Can you cum for me?” I pleaded. “Can you cum for mommy, baby..”

He groaned but kept his eyes on me as he sped up. He was fucking me uncontrollably and I could feel the bed actually lift off the floor and inch across the room. We were moaning and looking at each other. I gripped his cock tight with my pussy and felt a huge orgasm coming. Our lower bellies and pubic areas slapped into each other.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum..”

“Cum, baby, its okay,” I cried. He let out an animalistic groan and pounded me harder and harder. I could feel my son’s dick spasming as it shot load after load, filling me, and it triggered my own orgasm. I started moaning and I matched his volume. The biggest fucking orgasm of my life was soon ripping through me violently and I started spasming. I was seeing stars. I was blacking out. I was wailing so loud as I felt myself just being filled completely with cum. With my son’s cum. Holy shit..

He collapsed on top of me and I held his sweaty body against mine for a long time. Our heavy breathing matched each others’ and I concentrated on slowing it down. I could feel the endorphin high swimming through my head and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I was on a cloud. I was in heaven. The exertion and release had made him fall asleep. I untangled myself and scurried to my bedroom. I felt David’s cum streaming down my legs.

I saw his t-shirt and my panties on the bed and remembered the night before. It was only hours ago but everything had changed. Our lives had changed. I was a different person.

I went into the bathroom and started a shower. I needed to wash the cum out of me. I wasn’t on the pill, I had no reason to be, and I had just had completely unprotected sex with my own son. My only son. My only child. My little boy. I had sex with him. I looked down. I shaved my pussy for him.

I watched as I scooped giant gobs of cum out of me and the water rinsed it away. Where do I go from here? I wondered. I stayed in the shower for a long time, turning up the heat more and more as I got acclimated to it. As my high from sex started leveling out, my mind began spinning with questions and worries.

What if David wakes up and is disgusted with himself? What if he wants to have sex again? What if someone finds out?

What if I get pregnant? I shuddered. But I also started feeling aroused again. I decided to just clear my mind. What happened had happened, and honestly it was, hands down, the best sex I ever had. But I really did feel like I needed time to cool off and think. And I needed to talk to David at some point and make sure he knows he can’t tell anyone. He can’t tell Robbie.

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