Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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As I went out to my car, Robbie was just getting home. We passed each other and said hello, as I looked him over from behind my sunglasses. He was a very handsome boy, athletic and confident. But he wasn’t like my David. My son was a man; tall, broad shoulders, powerful chest. He had a chiseled jaw and hypnotic green- brown eyes. As I drove home, I mulled over my feelings.

If you saw David and I on the street, holding hands, you wouldn’t think anything of it. I looked younger, at least my body did, and he looked older. Robbie and Amanda would look like a boy with his mother. Maybe what was right for David and me wasn’t right for everyone. Maybe it wasn’t even right for us either, I didn’t know. Why was I even considering this?

I figured I was just lonely and starved for sex. I’d taken up marathon masturbation sessions as a way of life before David came home for the summer. I had just gotten triggered by the thought of unconditional love combined with passionate, fulfilling sex and the taboo of doing something secret and forbidden. It was silly.

I can’t fuck David. I can’t have sex with my son. Sylvia, you crazy bitch, I thought and laughed out loud.

I pulled into my driveway and saw that David was home. I was feeling a little self conscious because I was wearing just a bikini and sarong. I had gotten my hair done, but now it was just pulled up in a loose bun. I didn’t have any makeup on and I had been crying a little bit.

As I walked in, I saw David in the kitchen eating some chicken and veggies. He looked like he had just came from the gym.

“Hey Mom,” he said.

“Hey baby. How was the city?” I asked as I got myself a bottle of water from the fridge.

“It was fun. We just went to a club and then a few of us crashed at Emily’s dad’s apartment.” He said, then paused. I was kind of in my own head, so I didn’t say anything. David continued, “I didn’t really drink much. I didn’t want to be hungover or anything today.”

“I know. I trust you,” I said. I walked over and kissed his cheek. I tousled his short, thick hair.

“You got your hair done?” he asked. “It looks lighter.”

“Yep,” I said, beaming. “I know its up right now, but wait til you see it. The cut is really cute.”

“You always look really cute, Mom.” He had gotten up and was washing his plate in the sink. I was leaning against the counter, drinking from my water bottle.

“Aww. Thank you. You’re looking good too, muscle man,” I teased him, but was inwardly embarrassed. That was such a ‘mom’ thing to say. “I gotta go up and shower. You going out again tonight?” I asked.

“No, I think I’m just gonna relax tonight.”

“Okay. See you later.” I walked up the stairs and went to my bedroom. I wondered if he was looking and I caught myself putting a little extra wiggle in my hips as I walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my bedroom.

I saw the laptop on the bed and remembered how I had masturbated the previous night. I opened it and typed in the password. I was greeted by one of the pictures I had stolen from David’s computer. My son’s dick pics. That I hadn’t bothered to even close out of. Before putting it away, I noted that he had his pubic hair trimmed short and neat. I removed the sarong and my bikini and looked at the patch I had above my own sex. I always kept it neat and trimmed as well, and I thought it looked cute. It was comfortable and not much fuss. Sometimes, however, I did like to shave it all off. It just felt clean and nice to be smooth and have my underwear or bikini bottoms against the bare skin. So as I got into the shower, I grabbed my razor and decided to just take it all off.

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